SEAT Lunch at the Banditos & Lawmen in Tintown (Bisbee)

February 2006

Wow!  We really packed the parking lot and the restaurant.  This is the best lunch turn out we have had in a while.  Something like 50 bikes and 63 folks.  Was really great to see so many SEAT members make the February lunch.  We had members from all over Arizona and a couple of out of staters as well.

     Good to see several of the newest SEAT members at the lunch.  This is the time when contacts are made and riding friends are met.  We even had a new member from Ohio join us, Bob Whitlatch.  The distance some folks will go to have lunch with a bunch of fellow Beemer heads.

     As we were warned by a couple of fellow members, the hamburgers are big at the Banditos & Lawmen.  Really big.  Best to opt for the Kids Burger.  Anything bigger and it is good for two meals!

     The Restaurant did good - a bit slow for the late comers, but still good food and cheerful service.  Even Ed Birch got served and he seemed to enjoy every bite!

     The owners of the Banditos and Lawmen were very pleased with us as well and invited us back any time.  We’ll definitely keep them in mind for a future lunch.

     Members present:  Marina Ackerson, John Alese, Roger Austin, Jack Betz, Ed Birch, Gary Blomstrom & Deborah Josselyn, Jim Connell, Jeff & Jill Dean, Dave Delie, KC Dibble, Paul Godwin, Dean Hamilton, Eldon & Karen Helmer, Maynard Hershon, Roy Kaliher, Tom Kniest, Harb Lill, Craig Littlefield, Rich & Jackie Long, Mick McKinnon, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Curtis & Beverly Miller, Dick Miller, Allen & Diane Moore, Ralph & Linda Morley, Steve Mossholder, Carl Mueller, Bob & Marianne Muller, Ted Olsen, Bob Ordway, Jr., Thomas & Artemisa Palmer, Sean & Laura Price, Bob Ramig, Bryan Seneviratne, Ron Shaffer, Tom Simpson, Terry & Cheryl Smart, Alan Speert, Stan Thibaut, Pat Walsh, Barry West, Bob Whitlatch, Jim Widner, John Wilson, Tim Zierman, and new members Dennis Zickerman and Patrick & Danese Dykes.  Guests/Prospective members:  Bur Temple, Bob Straubinger, Martin Coll.

     As always, it’s the members that make the SEAT lunches so much fun.  We truly appreciate you coming to the lunches.  Ride safe and see you next month at the Old Wagon Café out on Ajo Hwy/ Hwy 86.