The February 2005 Lunch at The Longhorn Grill†††

It always amazes me how nice the weather is over in the Green Valley area during the winter months.† Never fails that the last Sunday of the Arts Festival in Tubac is the warmest day of the winter.† And thatís how it should be, seeing as itís our lunch ride Sunday as well!

†††† Nice weather really brings out the SEAT members and this was a nice day for a ride.† The area around Green Valley, Amado, etc., is growing so fast that if we donít do lunch over there once in awhile we wonít recognize it!

†††† This is the restaurant with the big horns.† We have eaten here before and they remembered us.† The waitresses were super in taking care of us.† The hamburgers they serve are really super in size as well.

††† †Again I was too late asking the restaurant to block off the front under those big horns.† I can just see SEAT under the horns on the cover of the Rolling Stone, or better yet on the cover of the MOA ON!† Iím not sure the Longhorn Grillís horns have made it to the back page of the ON, either.

†††† The Tubac Art Festival was in full traffic jam.† Only one entrance was open and it looked like a very long wait for a parking spot.† This is the place to get your special person that great Valentines gift.† Maybe next year...if the traffic isnít so bad.

†††† Every lunch we meet a new member or two.† Thatís what the club is all about, people meeting people.† I hope you enjoy the lunches as much as we do.

†††† Members present:† Wayne & Marina Ackerson, John Alese, Roger Austin, Gail Ben-Jamin, Craig Bradford, Loy Brydon, Jeff & Jill Dean, George & Shirley Dezso, Chris & Debbie Frey, Joe & Nancy Giordano, Paul Godwin and daughters Stacy, Roma and Lisa, Jim & Audrey Hambleton, Ted Hartman, Frank Hay, Art Jacobson, Harb Lill, Craig Littlefield, Al Maurine, Mick McKinnon, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Allen & Diane Moore, Ralph & Linda Morley, Bob & Marianne Muller, Walter & Laura Porter, Gary Putnam, Bob Ramig, Bill Schink & Marilyn Landy, Howard Schultz & Elsa Long, Tom Simpson, Butch Smith, Stan Thibaut, Barry West and John Willmann.† Guests:† Dave & Mary Fields and Brian Sterrett.

The Dezsos and Mullers
Craig Littlefield on Diane Moore's Victory. Awesome. Harb & Roger agree.
Gail Ben-Jamin
Ted Hartman
Loy Brydon

Marina Ackerson

Wayne Ackerson

Diane Moore
Bill Schink & Marilyn Landy

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