Saturday dirt ride

Bryan Reese

May 21, 2016 

Ron Browne and I met at the Oracle and Saddlebrooke meeting place. We waited for 15 minutes to see if anyone else would show but no luck. We talked a little and since I had just been to Mt Lemmon last week, we decided to go exploring down Willow Springs Rd. One thing led to another and before you knew we were on Cochran Road heading towards the Coke Ovens.


Ron and the ovens

Bryan and the ovens

We then road down a rocky hill and through a thicket of trees to get to the Gila River.

No falls or flats. Only incident was that Ron lost some tools when his top box flew open crossing a bump. Some good people in a pickup flagged us over on the way out and returned the lost items that they found laying on the trail.

We were in a hurry so we slabbed it over to Florence and then back home.


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