Dirt ride

March 6, 2017 

Photos by Phil Curtis and Lee Smith

Eight GS riders enjoyed a 250 mile, 7 hour GS ride with several long dirt sections from Green Valley to near the border and on to Aravaca and Amado.

We  enjoyed  perfect weather, a good breeze to blow the dust away and several photo op stops. we also enjoyed a record number of washboard bumps to give our arms a thorough workout and test all of the BMW available suspension settings. These machines are unbelievable at keeping the rider comfortable and in control.

Special applause to Ricardo Osburn who taught us all a lesson by doing the entire ride on his 25th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. Will there be a 26th? 

The eight riders were Phil Curtis,Ricardo Osburn, Joe Lord, Lee Smith, Kirk Sims, Roy Holley, Jim Funcannon and Wayne Gerdes.

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