Monday dirt ride

March 29, 2017 

Monday’s GS ride was to the Aravaca area dirt roads where we rediscovered the Air Force’s target tanks and explored Yellow Jacket Rd off of Ruby Rd down to near the border. Phil Curtis, Mike Bartz and Joe Lord enjoyed the two track route and great scenery. Posted as an intermediate-- advanced ride for knobby tires I believe any of the riders that did a few of the earlier posted GS rides could have had fun on this ride with just a mild elevation of pucker factor that was well worth the views. The mountains and valleys leading into Mexico were spectacular and lush with this years rainfall. Lunch at the Gadsden Coffee Co topped it off and the temps only got to 97 degrees on the way back home so all ended well.  

For sure I’ll add this trip to next season’s list of rides!

Photos by Phil Curtis

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