Death Valley

Janaury 19-22, 2017 

Only two brave souls went on the Death Valley ride this year. Preditions of bad rain, snow and wind did not stop them. The two riders were SEAT member Micke Schaffer and his friend, on a Harley, John Lowber. We want to no longer hear anything bad about Harleys.

It was cold and rainy. Rained 3 hours on Thursday, all day Friday, was great Saturday and rained 2 hours on the way back. Rode in snow for a mile, with an inch on the road getting to Beatty There was an inch of snow going over Daylight Pass enroute to Beatty, was snowing in Kingman so came back the way I came up.  I had all the gear so really didn't mind, never put the electric vest on. 

Probably was a smart move to cancel.  John and I had fun.  See you Friday.

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