Death Valley 2015

January 2015 

Another good ride to Laughlin and Death Valley. Unfortunatly for the second year in a row one of our riders crashed. We give Dave our thoughts and prayers and look forward to having him back on the road soon. It was great to have Roger back with us.

This year some people just went to Laughlin while the majority went on to Death Valley. Those going to Laughlin ware Deryle and Wanda Mehrten, Roger Austin, Ron Foltz, John Willmann and Mike Holmes. Going on to Death Valley were Skip Blecker, Ron Browne, Don Cameron,Ross Carroll, Dave Delie, Bill Getter, Don Holt, Craig Littlefield, Mike & Krisanne LoGalbo, Fred Meyer, Jon Nicolussi, Half Neill, Susan O'Brien, Ron Pelton, Len Robbins, Ron Shannon and David Swain.i

Even though many of us have been there several times it is always a magical place to see and a great place to ride.

Photos by Mike LoGalbo, Mike Holt, Len Robins, Susan O'Brien, Skip Blecker and Craig Littlefield.,

From Mike
From Dan
From Susan
From Len
Photos from Skip
Photos by Craig

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