14th Annual Christmas Party 2010

     Arizona weather was at its best, you wouldn’t have known it was winter, it was more like spring with a bit of summer thrown in.  If you weren’t at the SEAT Christmas Party you should have been out riding, just a gorgeous day all around.

     The first couple of bikes came in around 10:30.  After that the traffic didn’t stop coming and going until close to 3:00 pm.  About every model of BMW produced in the last decade or two and a bunch of other spiffy looking bikes turned Miller Street into a motorcycle show! 

     This year the KFC chicken showed up on time and was promptly devoured.  There was ham, beans, salads galore, and oh those deserts!  The desert table was a kewl place to hang out with all those sweets just begging you to take a bite.  A super thanks to everyone for all the food everyone brought, most excellent. 

     No Christmas party would be right without door prizes and we had some beauties.  A SEAT shout out goes to Iron Horse Motorcycles, Cochise Motors, and Sierra Cycles for their Grand Prize donations.  Be sure to thank them the next time you visit their shops.  Rick and Mary Lambert of Xploremoto donated some terrific prizes, check out their web site for some great products.  SEAT members Ed Birch, Deb & Gary Blomstrom, Jim & Denise Strang, Bob & Marianne Muller,  Kelly Spicer, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, and Dean Hamilton provided a prize or two as well.  Thanks guys, we really appreciate it.  A SEAT thank you also goes to Sandy Cohen for donating a year’s subscription to the BMW Motorcycle Magazine, nice.

     Diane Moore did a great job selling the 50/50 tickets, a total of $210 was split between Wanda Mehrten and Jim Strang.  Jim donated his share to SEAT, thanks Jim.  Also, a big SEAT thank you goes to Megan Muller for being Santa’s little helper this year.  She did a great job.  (Honestly, the drawings were not fixed!) 

     Thanks to all the folks who submitted articles and pictures for The View this past year.  Those 24 oz SEAT mugs put you in a class by yourselves.  So many riders taking so many trips, keep them coming. 

     Hopefully you got a chance to sign the BMW MOA, The First 35 Years book that was presented to John and Jennifer Cartwright owners of Iron Horse Motorcycles as a thank you for all the support they have provided this year.  Check out the picture on page 6.

     As written about in this month’s Blathering, Wanda and I announced our retirement at the end of 2011 at the Christmas Party.  Before the afternoon was over, two SEAT members spoke to us about becoming the next Editor and possible Treasurer.  SEAT isn’t going away any time soon.

     Do be a part of the Discover Arizona Rides in 2011.  January’s ride is the Laughlin & Death Valley or Not Ride.   Dinner is Thursday night the 6th of January at 5 pm Nevada time in the Captains Buffet in the Colorado Belle.  For those so inclined, Death Valley Daze is not being planned for that weekend...wink, wink. 

     Members present:  Roger Austin, Bill Bachmann, Joe & Janice Beam, Steve Beatty, Ed Birch, Gary & Deb Blomstrom, Jeff Dean, Pete & Emma Lee DeRosa, Stan Dietzman, Dave & Jere Fredenburgh, Mike & Dawn Garden, Wayne & Elaine Gerdes, Jim & Audrey Hambleton, Eldon & Karen Helmer, Roy Kaliher, Paul & Betty Klopfenstein, Rick & Mary Lambert, Robert & Jamie Laposta, Chris & Colleen Lester, Craig Littlefield, Menachem Lorber, Al Maurine, Ed & Tish Mealy, Deryle & Wanda & Daniel Mehrten, Allen & Diane Moore, Bob & Marianne & Megan Muller, Dan & Pam Neal, George & Kay Oakes, Phillip Orth, Gordon & Sharon Pairman, Steve Paladini, Hitch Paprocki, Ron & Kari Pelton, Len & Linda Robbins, Bill Schink, Don Schweiger, Ron Shaffer, Terry & Cheryl Smart, Alan & Marilyn Speert, Jim & Denise Strang, Stan & Patti Thibaut, Bob & Karen Thompson, Pat Walsh, Drew Ware & Debbee Watkins, Barry & Elaine West, Jim Widner, John Willmann, John Wilson, Tim Zierman & Vicky Rosen.  Guest:  Mike Yeager.

     Be sure to check out the SEAT web site for lots, and I do mean a lot, of pictures!   Www.SEATRider.org.

     Great party, thanks for coming.   See you in 2011! Ride safe and Happy New Year!    

Photos by Deryle and by Jeff Dean



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