SEAT Christmas Party 2009

 December 2009 

†††† What a great day for the SEAT Christmas Party, cool and sunny all morning.† Riders started showing up out front around 10am.† Starting about 11am the bikes and riders were streaming in.† This is a club of riders, thatís for sure.

†††† As the riders came in so did the pot luck dishes.† One year I made the mistake of asking folks to bring deserts.† Both tables were covered with cakes, brownies, pies and confectionaries of all kinds.† This year the mix was just right with all manner of pot luck entree dishes with just enough excellent deserts on the side.

†††† Apologies for the late chicken.† This is the first time we have had a problem with the SEAT supplied main dish.† Seems KFC was behind and they didnít have all the order ready.† Next year weíll ask for it earlier.

†††† Electric Daveís American Lager and Industrial Pale Ale were on tap.† All were good boys and girls and no one over imbibed.† After four days of trying to empty the Lager mini-keg, and couldnít, they went back to Dave with some brew left.† Next year weíll get one keg and the CO2 tapper to go with it.

†††† Got to give the folks who donated door prizes a big round of applause.† Iron Horse Motorcycles was very generous.† Thanks a heap John for the gifts (and to Jim Strang for bring them down).† Cochise Motorcycles donated some great door prizes and one fine helmet, an Scorpion EXO 700 in red and black.† Congratulations to Steve Paladini who had the winning raffle ticket.† Thanks Cliff, we appreciated it.

†††† The door prizes from Sierra Cycles were also right on.† Thanks Barry for your support of SEAT.† Xplorer Moto, Rick and Marry Lambert, brought some super prizes.† The Doran Pressure Monitoring System was a really nice door prize.† Donít forget to give Rick feedback on all those wipes he handed out.† The next time youíre in Iron Horse, Cochise Motorsports or Sierra Cycle be sure to tell them thanks for their support.

†††† SEAT members brought some great gifts as well.† Thanks go out to the Fredenburghs, Bill Schink, Chris Frey and Ed Birch.† Iím sure I missed someone, sorry about that.

†††† To all the ladies and a few guys, thanks for taking care of the kitchen.† The house was cleaner after the party.† you guys do windows?† Next year.

†††† A big SEAT Happy Birthday to Arlene Betz.† The lucky lady just turned 39 and is looking good.† And a happy 62nd birthday to your blathering Editor, me.†

†††† The luckiest guy at the party was Dave Rodgers winning the 50/50 of $108 and he just joined in December.† Not bad.

†††† This year the list of folks being recognized for articles, pictures, and other great stuff for the newsletter and the SEAT web site was pretty long.† A BMW MOA coin is waiting to be given to Don Cameron for bringing the kitchen sink, literally everything, to Death Valley Daze in 2009.† For their most excellent articles Steve Cantrill, Mike Larson, Al Maurine, Barry West, Marina Ackerson and Mike Hoppe were recognized.†

†††† Congratulations to Deb and Gary Blomstrom for coming to 11 SEAT gatherings in 2009.† This is the first time the Most Attendance was a husband and wife team.† A big thanks to Tim Zierman, Pat Walsh and Ed Hertfelder for putting together the 2009 Adventrure Ride.† Thanks to Jeff Dean, Phillip Orth and Stan Thibaut for their pictures of the month.† And we all appreciated Ed Birchís and Butch Smithís recommending a couple of good restaurants.

†††† Special thanks to Bob Muller for doing the Rides Races and Rallies; and to Craig Littlefield for keeping the SEAT web site one of the best around.† You guys rock.

†††† This was the 13th Annual SEAT Christmas Party, and it landed on the 13th of December.† That can only mean weíll all have good luck in 2010.†

†††† Members present:† Larry Andrade, Bill Bachmann, Richard Bartasek, Steve Beatty, Gail Ben-Jamin, Jack & Arlene Betz, Gary & Deborah Blomstrom, Dave Delie, Pete & Emma Lee DeRosa, Patrick & Danese Dykes, Dave & Jere Fredenburgh, Chris Frey, Paul Godwin, Jim & Audrey Hambleton, Dean Hamilton, Terry & Patti Hopkins, Rick & Mary Lambert, Robert & Jamie Laposta, Mike Larson, Craig Littlefield, Rick & Jackie Long, Menachem Lorber, Al Maurine, Ed & Tish Mealy, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Steve Mossholder, Carl Mueller, George & Kay Oakes, Phillip Orth, Richard & Cheryl Osburn, Gordin & Sharon Pairman, Vic & Chris Paladini, Steve Paladini, Ron & Kari Pelton, David Rodgers, Roger & Faith Salzgeber, Bill Schink, Don Schweiger, Bryan Seneviratne, Ron Shaffer, Terry & Cheryl Smart, Alan Speert, Jim & Denise Strang, Tony & Sharon Strungis, Stan & Patti Thibaut, Chuck & LaRae Thompson, Bob & Karen Thompson, Pat Walsh, Barry & Elaine West, John Willmann, John Wilson, Karl Winton.

†††† Not everyone signed in so we may have missed a member or two.† Let us know if we did, donít want to miss anyone.† Donít forget to check out the SEAT web site for lots more pictures.

†††† Ride safe in 2010!

Photos by Deryle Mehrten & Craig Littlefield






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