17th Annual SEAT Christmas Party

December 2013

     It couldn’t have been a nicer day!  Maybe a bit cool in the morning, then the sun came out and it was just about perfect…although the outdoor fire pit and the two gas heaters Roy and Phyllis Fox brought over didn’t hurt!  It was a great day to over eat, win a door prize and have a fun time with a bunch of fellow SEAT members. 

     The party started with Gordon Pairman ringing the doorbell a bit before 10 am.  It wasn’t long before more folks began to ride in and drive in.  The side dishes filled the coffee table and the deserts were just too good, I tried to taste them all.  The pasta salad, potato patties, beans and bar-b-q ribs were over the top.  The cherry pie and the Christmas cookies were right on time.  Everything was just great! 

     It was good to have the SEAT Christmas Party back at our home in Sierra Vista.  We kind of forgot how much time it takes to get everything out and ready.  All the chairs and tables needed cleaning, the monsoon rains did a number on them.  With a bit of effort everything was up and ready Saturday morning, thank goodness it didn’t rain Saturday night. 

     As usual a few things came down to the last minute.  The Beast Brewery thankfully delivered a mini keg of Electric Dave’s IPA Saturday afternoon.  And thanks to Roy and Phyllis Fox for picking up the door prizes donated by Iron Horse Motorcycles on Saturday and bringing them to the party Sunday morning.  A real surprise was the box of door prizes we received Monday morning, the day after the party, from the BMW MOA.  Good on the MOA! 

     At about noon we began to pull door prize tickets from an old mason jar.  Gail Ben-Jamin was Santa’s Little Helper this year, and she was great.  With SEAT doing a bit of stocking stuffing and the door prizes from Iron Horse Motorcycles, Cochise Motorsports and Sierra Cycles there were door prizes galore.  Everyone got a door prize and a few lucky SEAT members even got an Iron Horse Motorcycles hat as a nice bonus.  Please, the next time you are at any of our sponsor shops thank them for their support.  They deserve it! 

     This year we had four silent auctions.  A nice winter jacket was donated by Cochise Motorsports with the highest bid going to Bill Getter.  SEAT member Alan Speert donated a very nice mesh jacket that Tad Roberts wanted and had the highest bid.  SEAT member Peter Godbois donated two motorcycle chocks; Gordon Pairman and John Willmann were the highest bidders.  A total of $90 was collected for the 50/50 drawing with Wanda Mehrten winning $45 (I swear it was not rigged!).  A Gift Certificate for $200 was donated by Dan Neal and won by Bob Thompson.  A lot of great prizes were handed out Sunday afternoon, for sure! 

     As a token of our thanks to Allen and Diane Moore for their hard work managing SEAT for the last two years, a set of engraved wine glasses and a BMW MOA coin were mailed to their new home in Texas.  Allen and Diane, you guys did good, a big SEAT thanks from all of us! 

     Any party is only as fun as the folks who come and we had a blast!  There were 42 SEAT members this year:  Gail Ben-Jamin, Skip & Kelly Blecker, Don Cameron, Dave Danks, Jeff Dean, Dave Delie, Roy & Phyllis Fox, Jere Fredenburgh, Bill Getter, Jack & Camille Herbst, Deb Josselyn, Roy Kaliher, Paul Klopfenstein, Craig Littlefield, Rich & Jackie Long, Menachem Lorber, Al Maurine, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Bob & Marianne Muller, John & Rachelle Nicolussi, Phillip Orth, Rich & Claudia Reilly, Tad & Lynn Roberts, Frank Ruffin & Maude Bronzman, Don Schweiger, Stan Thibaut, Bob & Karen Thompson, John Willmann, Steve Woodward and Tim Zierman.  Hopefully we didn’t miss anyone.   

     If you haven’t heard SEAT is changing - Craig Littlefield has taken over the SEAT Web Master duties and has become the new SEAT Benevolent Despot; Roy and Phyllis Fox are the SEAT Store Managers and they will also be doing SEAT Membership cards; Frank and Maude Ruffin will be printing and placing the SEAT Brochures; Bob Muller has restarted the Rides, Races and Rallies information page on the SEAT web site; and Deryle & Wanda Mehrten will be setting up the SEAT Lunches/Breakfasts and Overnighters.  Check the web site often, there are great rides, races and rallies happening every month! 

     A super thanks to all the SEAT members who made it to the 17th Annual SEAT Christmas Party.  It’s the people who make SEAT so much fun to be a part of.  Be sure to check the web site often – www.SEATRider.org.


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