Benson Ironhorse BMW Rally

April 2015

Photos are on the on the rally website here.

This was the first year of the rally and it went well. We are looking forward to next year. Several SEAT members helped. Road rides and Dirt rides were led both days by Susan O'Brien, Skip Blecker, Craig Littlefield, Phil Curtis and Ricardo Osburn. Deryle and Wanda Mehrten helped by providing tables, chairs & covers. Skip Blecke & Deb Josselyn also helped with registration. Did I miss someone?

Wanda put together a list of SEAT members they saw. It included

Aladin Abughazaleh
Dave Danks
Alan Speert
Skip Blecker
Hitch Paprocki
Art Post
Craig Littlefield
Susan O'Brien
Bob Leichtenberg
Dick Sackett
Richard Osborn
Don Schweiger
John Willmann
Art & Katherine Jacobson
Jack & Camille Herbst
Maynard Hershon
Deryle & Wanda Mehrten
Deb Josselyn
Joe Russo
Tony Sanell
Roger Voelker
Roger Austin
Dave & Patti Sorkow
Dave Delie
Ed Birch
Gordy Pairman
Quentin Harden
Tad Roberts
Wayne & Elaine Gerdes
Ron Foltz
Dave Swain
Jay Hirsch
Mike Holmes



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