Stable Ranch Grill, Tubac, AZ

August 2014

After a night of heavy Monsoon storms it was pretty cool leaving Sierra Vista in time to make the 8:30 SEAT Breakfast at Stables Ranch Grill in Tubac.  Our mesh jackets let a lot of cool 66 degree air pass through…brrrr!

Wanda and I met Bob and Marianne Muller in Sonoita, then headed west through Patagonia to River Road and over to I-19.  From there it was an easy jaunt up the Freeway to the Tumacacori exit where we took the Frontage Road to Tubac.  Everywhere we looked it was green, green, green!

The Stables Ranch Grill was nice, very nice.  They had a well-appointed side room set up for us, and we had at least two waiters/waitresses taking good care of us.  The food was excellent and the ambience most excellent.  The only problem they seemed to have was processing all our credit cards…ask Paul Hargis.

We had 19 SEAT members at Stables:  Dave Danks, Dave Delie, Paul Hargis, Mike Holmes, Deb Josselyn, Bob Leichtenberg, Craig Littlefield, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Mike Mueller, Bob & Marianne Muller, Jon & Rachelle Nicolussi, Susan O’Brien, Mike & Debby Prosser, Tad Roberts, Joe Zinn.

Nice to meet new SEAT member Bob Leichtenberg.  Bob rode his 250 Honda CBR to the SEAT breakfast.  Also, welcome back to Joe Zinn.   Joe is an R bike guy.  It was good to get to know Mike Holmes as well.  He rode his shiny, new K16 to the SEAT breakfast.  Welcome to SEAT!

A big SEAT Happy Birthday goes out to SEAT members Deb Josselyn, Dave Delie and Jon Nicolussi.  Though they may be a year older, they are all still young at heart.  Here’s to many more birthdays and many more miles & smiles.

There are lots of changes happening in SEAT.  More Friday and Saturday rides are being organized and overnighters are planned for August and October.  September 14th is the 2nd Annual SEAT BBQ at Tad and Lynn Roberts’ home in Casa Grande.  Check out the SEAT web site for all the times and locations:

Thanks to all the SEAT members who came to Stables to kick tires and tell tales.  SEAT members are the best!

Ride smart…

Deryle & Wanda Mehrten

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