Hacienda Del Lago Vail, AZ

 August 2011  

     The seasonal rains are upon us.  Amazing how fast the desert turns green when copious amounts of water are applied.  Along the side of Hwy 82 and Hwy 83 the green of the rainy season has crept up onto the sides of the mountains, beautiful.  Seems the mountains went from brown to green overnight!

     Morning temps were in the cool 70s getting into the cool 80s about the time SEAT members began to filter into the parking lot of the Hacienda del Lago.  Afternoon temps were being forecast to be in the high 90s with 100s across the western desert.  Makes doing breakfasts during the summer/rainy months just a good idea, keeps us out of the heat and the rain.

     The interior of the Hacienda del Lago is very well done.  The restaurant is nicely done with a small back room that held all of us folks nicely.  Our waiter/waitress took good care of us, though it seemed the kitchen had a bit of trouble keeping up with them.

     A new K1600GTL owner was at the August SEAT breakfast, unfortunately in their automobile.  Hopefully weíll see Dick and Louise Sackett from Silver City, NM at a SEAT gathering on their new bike in the near future.  Deliveries of the new K16s are being made as you read this.  So far no GTs though.

     Another long time SEAT couple, Dick and Sioux Prince, rode down from Payson.  After spending the night in Tucson, they rode back home after breakfast.  The temps along Hwy 188 by Roosevelt Lake just south of Payson can be brutal in late afternoon, ask us how we know.

     Never fails there were some really neat bikes in the parking lot at this monthís SEAT breakfast gathering.  Even though the new K16 hasnít made an entrance yet (other than John on the Iron Horse demo), the highly farkled  GSs of Rick and Mary Lambert are worth a second or third look.  Where do they get all those toys?  Still only one S1000RR, surely there will be more RR owners as time goes on.

     A Big SEAT Happy Birthday goes out to  Roger Austin, Deb Blomstrom, Dave Delie, Jim Hambleton, and Rick & Mary Lambert!  Happy Birthday and many more!

     Members present:  Roger Austin, Bill Bachmann, Gary & Deborah Blomstrom, Dave Delie, Roy & Phyllis Fox, Chris Frey, Paul & Melanie Godwin, Jim & Audrey Hambleton, Tony & Tami Ivy, Rick & Mary Lambert, Menachem Lorber, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Allen & Diane Moore, Ralph & Linda Morley, Richard Pettigrew, Dick & Sioux Prince, Len Robbins, Dick & Louise Sackett, Bill Schink, Alan & Marilyn Speert, Barry West, John Wilson.

     Good to see so many SEAT members at the breakfast.  Without a doubt itís the members who make the gatherings so much fun.  Come to the September lunch at the Longhorn Grill and youíll see what I mean. 

  Ride safe. 


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