The Home Plate, Patagonia, AZ

 August 2010

     The monsoon rains really hit the southeast corner of Arizona hard the night before the SEAT breakfast at the Home Plate.  As we rode over to Patagonia and the Stage Stop Inn where the Home Plate moved several years back, it was easy to see where all that rain had turned many of Arizona’s normally dry washes into raging rivers.  Beautiful yet scary.

     All that rain did seem to clean the air and make for a really pleasant ride to Sonoita and on to Patagonia.  All along the highway the trees and bushes have grown and greened out seemingly over night.  Arizona has gone green and it is beautiful.  This is the season to ride early in the morning when the temps are at their best.

     The front of the Stage Stop Inn was already lined with SEAT members’ bikes by 8:30.  As always lots of nice machines whose owners are more than happy to talk to you about them.  Interesting that some of our older members seem to be riding the newest bikes; conversely some of the youngest riders seem to be riding the oldest bikes.  All good company!

     The Home Plate did good this time around.  The back room was held for us with a couple of tables moved around to accommodate a group.  We had two waitresses taking our orders, and they did a good job.  The food was tasty and most orders came quickly.  With thirty plus hungry SEAT members and their guests filling the room it takes some doing to keep everything right.  They did a good job this time around.  Let us know how you felt by taking the Café Survey at the SEAT web site.

     A BIG SEAT Happy Birthday to Deb Blomstom, she and Gary are youngsters in their 50s; Rick and Mary Lambert, enjoying their second childhood together; and Joe Zeller, looking pretty fit!  Happy Birthday to you guys and many, many more!

     SEAT goes back to lunches in September.  The temps should be getting milder making it easier to ride around in Arizona’s desert regions.  How about an overnighter to a location along the Colorado river in September and/or October?  Someone want  to start the wheels rolling? 

     September’s featured rally is the Land of Enchantment’s BMW Rally in Sipapau, New Mexico.  Excellent riding in Northern New Mexico this time of year.  Be sure to take some pictures to share with your fellow SEAT members.  If you need some help finding an excuse for a ride, Bob Muller’s “Rides, Races & Rallies” is loaded with places to visit and rallies to ride to.

     Members and Guests present:  Deb & Gary Blomstrom, Dan Broadhurst, Stan Dietzman, Peter Godbois, Melanie & Paul Godwin, Karen & Eldon Helmer, Mary & Rick Lambert, Menachem Lorber, Ed Mealy, Wanda & Deryle Mehrten, Diane Moore, James Palmietto, Hitch Paprocki, Kari & Ronald Pelton, Anne & Dirk Schneider, Butch Smith, Alan Speert, Roy Walz, Barry West, John Willmann, Joe Zeller.  Guests:  Barry, Cassie & Dave Levitt, Chad Lambert, Elaine & Jerry Bentley, Kris & Mike Nolan. 

      Ride safe...      


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