SEAT Lunch at the Amado Cafť in Amado

This was the first time a SEAT lunch has been rained out!† Thatís 1 in over 108 lunches!† We must live in Arizona.

†††† The rain has been really great but it does make riding our chosen mounts a bit more exciting.† I expected maybe ten folks and we got jut that.

†††† But...where were all the GS and adventure riders.† Was the weather that bad in Tucson?† Donít have to answer that, it was, Harb told me!

††† As you can see from the Santa Cruz River picture, there was lots of water.† This is the first time I have seen water in the Santa Cruz down by the Kino golf course.† In Ď85 the river was pretty high but this year it might have been even higher.

†††† I have to admit that Wanda and I took the car.† At least it was a BMW!

†††† Members present:† George & Shirley Dezso, Bill & Christine Leach, Harb Lill, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Alan & Marilyn Speert and Pat Walsh.

†††† Next month the lunch is in Sonoita at the Steakout Restaurant and Saloon.† Ed Burch has graciously volunteered to take pictures and get folks names.† Ed just had a heart operation so help him out and look him up and let him know you were there!†††