Cindy Louís II, Tucson, AZ

 August 2008

†††† The Monsoon rains have washed away quite a few roads and washes this year.† There was evidence of† several over-the-road rivers on the way to Cindy Louís.† Be careful out there, flowing water is powerful stuff.

†††† It also makes the Desert Southwest come to bloom.† The sights and smells, never mind the occasional skunk, are awesome this time of year.† Take a picture of a flowering meadowland in the Santa Ritas or Rincons† with our Arizona blue skies in the background and it looks almost fake, doctored by one of those edit programs.† Just beautiful!

†††† After all that scenery it was time for breakfast. †Cindy Louís is your basic Cafť with traditional American breakfasts.† Youíll get big portions at a reasonable price.† Once in a while all that cholesterol is worth it!† Hmmmm Bacon!

†††† Eating breakfast in a Cafť packed with fellow SEAT members makes it just that much better.†† It was good to see a couple of members that havenít been to a SEAT gathering in a month or six.† Some weekends Iím sure its tough to make it to a SEAT lunch, but once you get there, you know why its worth it.

†††† Next month we go back to lunches at 11:30 am.† We start with a Cafť we have not been to before, Wisdoms Cafť in Tumacacori off of I-19.† They are opening just for us, normally they are closed on Sunday.† Nice of them to do that, lets show them a big SEAT turn out.

†††† Bob and Marianne Muller have volunteered to take the roll and a bunch of pictures for the View.† We appreciate it.† Be sure to let them know who you are, and if you have a new bike or its your birthday, let them know that too.

†††† A big SEAT Happy Birthday to Deborah Blomstrom, celebrating her 39th birthday...such young ladies we have in SEAT!† Also, congratulations to Paul and Melanie Godwin on getting married on 6-7-8.† That should be easy to remember!

†††† A couple of Oops! from the August View.† I said we would highlight a BMW rally in the issue...and I didnít, Oops!† Just for that Iíll put two BMW rallies in this issue.† Another bit of an Oops! was the notice on our web site letting SEAT members know that there would be a presentation by the organizer of The Art of the Motorcycle at a political rally.† As pointed out by a fellow SEAT member that was a lot of politics for a BMW Motorcycle web site.† Oops!† No politics, religions or guns, thank you.† Iíll do better in the future...hopefully.† That damn Oops Factor!

†††† Besides the BMW Rallies highlighted, there is also the latest information on future SEAT happenings in this issue - Death Valley in January and the SEAT Overnighter in June.† Canít start planning too soon...

†††† Members present:† Larry Andrade, Bill Bachmann, Gary & Deborah Blomstrom, Warren Cooper, Dave Delie, Chris Frey, Mike & Dawn Garden, Paul & Melanie Godwin, John & Cathy Hunsperger, Art & Katherine Jacobson, Tom Kniest, Chris & Colleen Lester, Craig Littlefield, Rich Long, Tom Marley, Al Maurine, Mick McKinnon, Ed Mealy, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Allen & Diane Moore, David Owens, Alan Payne, Len Robbins, Roger Salzgeber, Dick Schaffer, Hank Stewart, Stan Thibaut, Joe Zinn, Tom Zirbel,.† Guests:† Bob Mills, Mike Figlyano, Austin Stewart, Terry Simmons, Danielle Godwin.

†††† Thanks to everyone who made it to Cindy Louís for breakfast.

†††† See you on the road next month.† Ride safe.††††


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