Banditos & Lawmen, Bisbee (Tin Town) AZ

 April 2008 

     Living in the desert southwest you get use to the wind….well sort of.  We always have the 5 to 10 mph winds; its when it gets into the 20s and 30s that things begin to get a bit hairy.   And then there are the gusts.

     We got a taste of those 20 to 30 mph winds on Sunday.  The sky was blue and clear; the day was warm and sunny; and the wind howled and gusted. 

     Even so we had quite a turn out at the Banditos and Lawmen.  It’s a good ride down from Tucson and parts north of Bisbee.  Hwys 83 and 82 make for some scenic and fast riding, and Hwy 80 is an excellent loop back up to I-10.

     The menu hasn’t changed from the last time SEAT lunched at The Banditos and Lawmen.  Their burgers are huge!  Hopefully everyone got served and enjoyed their lunch, even with the smoke pouring out of the kitchen.  The ventilation system went down on them.

     Seems we published the age of one of the SEAT Birthday Members and now no one will admit its their birthday month!  We did get an April Fools Birthday, Bob Thompson.  When asked how old he was, all we got was, “Old enough to collect Social Security!”  Happy birthday!

     The BMW Motorcycle Owners’ Association’s annual mileage contest starts this month, actually it started on Saturday the day before the SEAT lunch.  The number of Arizona BMW riders who complete the annual contest always seems small to me.  I know many of you log many thousands of miles each year. 

     To help folks join the contest copies of the BMW MOA Mileage Contest entry form were handed out.  Take a few minutes to fill out the form, then get a couple of fellow SEAT members to sign off and you’re in.

          Good seeing so many members make the lunch ride.  This is a club of riders and a bit of wind won’t keep them from a SEAT lunch!  Next month its Montgomery’s Grill & Saloon in Vail just north off of I-10.  Come around Old Spanish Trail, good ride.

     A couple of member’s we didn’t see this month, Ted & AJ Hartman and Kevin and Kathy Carpenter due to accidents.  Ted suffered a broken ankle and some bruising; luckly AJ wasn’t on the bike at the time.  Kevin and Kathy got rear ended and it will take a month or so to get the bike repaired.  They are both OK.  Be careful out there, they are out to get you.

     Members present:  William Bachmann, Ed Birch, Gary & Deborah Blomstrom, Michael & Susan Burke, Martin Coll, Doris Faircloth, Chris Frey, Andy Gilmour, Tim Hall, Harb Lill, Al Maurine, Mark & Elma McClure, Ed & Tish Mealy, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Ralph & Linda Morley, Bob & Marianne Muller, Daniel Neal, Robert Ordway, Jr., David Owens, Alan Payne, Burch & Laura Porter, Joe Russo, Jr., Roger Salzgeber, William Schink, Howard Schultz & Elsa Long, Bryan Seneviratne, Ron Shaffer, David Sorkow, Alan & Marilyn Speert, Stan Thibaut, Chuck Thompson, Bob & Karen Thompson, Pat Walsh, Barry West, Jim Widner, John Wilson, Tim Zierman, and new member Tony Strungis.  Guest:  Lee Caplan.



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