La Casita, Mammoth, AZ

April 2014 

These photos are from Deryle Mehrten and Rich Reilly. Story by Deryle.

Couldn’t have been a nicer day to go for a ride out to Mammoth on a Sunday morning and get together with a bunch of like-minded Beemer heads.  Oracle Road can be a bit of challenge with all the stop lights and traffic…good thing Sunday is a kind of off-traffic day.  

Just to liven up the ride a bit, Wanda and I cut through Oracle and took Webb Road over to San Manuel.  A few years back fellow SEAT member Bill Schink told us Webb Road had finally been paved and was a nice side road between San Manuel and Oracle.  He was right, a nice “Shortcut, Long Cut or Way Around”. 

Paying attention to the speed limit coming into Mammoth turned out to be a good idea.  A local Law Enforcement Officer was positioned just around the corner and was watching everyone coming into town.  Learning how to keep just under an LEO’s radar range is an art and a bit of a science ;)  

The collection of Beemers in the parking lot was amazing.  Craig was on his new S1000R and Jeff Dean was on his new waterhead R1200RT.  K1600s are getting pretty common now; there were 3 nice examples in the parking lot.  And there will always be a GS or 6; they are the MacGyver of motorcycles.  A few older K bikes and a nice older R bike rounded out the eye candy.   

The Easter Bunny left 56 eggs for all the SEAT members and guests.  Dick Sackett, who rode over from New Mexico, found the SEAT logo decal in that one “special” egg and took home the cutest little Easter Bunny you’ve ever seen.  Lucky guy! 

There 31 SEAT members and 2 guests:  Bill Bachmann, Gail Ben-Jamin, Skip Blecker, Nick Clement & Terry Golden, Dave Danks, Jeff Dean, Dave Delie, Wayne & Elaine Gerdes, James Green, Art Jacobson, Deb Josselyn, Lori Konopetski, Craig Littlefield, Mike, Menachem Lorber, David Lyle, Al Maurine, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Dan Neal, Jon Nicolussi, Rich & Claudia Reilly, Tad Roberts, Dick Sackett, Alan Speert, Tony Strungis, Roger Voelker, John Wilson.  Guests:  Charles Carroll and Justin Carroll, father and son, guests of Dan Neal. 

Thanks to everyone who made the SEAT April lunch.  It was a definite hoot.  Plan early for the Mothers’ Day SEAT Lunch in Tubac at Melio’s on May the 11th.  There’s sure to be a Mothers’ Day gift or two.  

Ride smart…and see you at the next SEAT ride!


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