San Manuel Country Club Restaurant, San Manuel, AZ

 April 2010 

     A big SEAT thanks to Bill Schink for suggesting the Country Club Restaurant at the San Manuel Golf Course.  They “closed” for SEAT and did a pretty good job of taking care of us.  We were 50 strong so it was a bit of a challenge for their cook to keep up with the orders.  SEAT does tend to “test” a restaurant’s ability to handle a large group.

     Surprise!  Surprise! Seems the Easter Bunny left a collection of eggs at all the tables, and a couple had a neat SEAT sticker inside!  Not sure if the candy was all that good for us mature riders, though.  With their parents approval, the Easter Bunny left some eggs for the young children who were also eating at the restaurant - they loved ‘em!

     Bill didn’t stop with just suggesting the CCR.  To let people know what condition the roads were in, he rode the two dirt roads that come out of Tucson and Benson and join in San Manuel - Redington Pass from Tucson; and River Road from Benson.  Good on him as Redington Pass was in pretty bad shape due to a wash out.  Saved some folks a long trip back and around.

     There were quite a few dual sport bikes in the parking lot.  Many SEAT members are very proficient in the dirt and rode to the SEAT Lunch over some of Arizona’s true “back” roads.  There’s so much to see on the dirt back roads of Arizona.  Those big GSs must be a hand full in the sand. 

     Ah, but that’s not al.  Bill lives in San Manuel and does quite a bit of riding.  He was right on top of the fresh pavement that turned Webb Road into a great Short Cut, Long Cut or Way Around.  Webb Road runs between Oracle and San Manuel, with a couple of twists in between.  With the amount of rain we have had so far this year and the temps building up, the wild flowers were in full bloom.  Nice road.  Thanks Bill, we all appreciated your efforts.

     A SEAT Happy Birthday goes out to Jenny Prileson, one of our most recent SEAT members, and long time SEAT member Cheryl Smart.  Here’s to many more smiles and miles!

     Next month the AZ Beemers, formerly the PITS, are hosting their annual Roadrunner Rally in Heber on the Mogollon Rim.  Although rumors had the Rally moving to Williams, it will be held at Camp Shadow Pines just west of Heber as it has for the last few years.  Check the Rides, Races and Rallies on page 8 for all the contact information.  A good rally, worth the ride.

     Next month it’s the SEAT Overnighter in Springerville.  The ride up the Coronado Trail, Old Highway 666 now Hwy 191, is always an excellent and challenging ride.  SEAT HQ will be Reed’s Motor Lodge.  See page 7,  Upcoming SEAT Rides, for all the details. 

     Summer comes on pretty quick around here.  Its already time to get out the Camel Back and prepare for the desert heat.  After the SEAT Overnighter in June, the monthly SEAT gathering in July and August will be a Breakfast gathering.  Keep an eye on the Upcoming SEAT Rides for the details.

     April 10th was the first day of the BMW MOA’s Annual Mileage Contest.  The contest will run through the 10th of October.  Completed entry forms, available at, need to be mailed by the 10th of May.  Let’s see how many Arizona BMW riders we can get to sign up this year.  

     Members present:  Roger Austin, Bill Bachmann, Ed Birch, Gary & Deborah Blomstrom, Nick Clement, Jeff & Jill Dean, Patrick & Danese Dykes, Chris Frey, Dan, Sue, Lisa & Clay Frizzell, Andy Gilmour, Jim & Audrey Hambleton, Paul Hargis, Frank Hay, Art Jacobson, Rich & Jackie Long, Menachem Lorber, David Lyle, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Michael Mueller, Gordon Pairman, Arthur Post, Michael Proctor, Roger Salzgeber, Bill Schink, Don Schweiger, Ron Shaffer, Terry & Cheryl Smart, David Sorkow, Tony Strungis, Stan & Patti Thibaut, Pat Walsh, Barry West, John Wilson, Karl Winton, Jeff & Jenny Prileson, Steve Mossholder.  Guests:  Mark & Susan McIntyre.

     Thanks to everyone who made it to the Country Club Restaurant for the April SEAT Lunch.  It’s the members who make the lunches great!

     Don’t forget to check out for lots more pictures and articles.  Craig Littlefield, our Web Master, is always updating the site.

     Ride safe and see you in Springerville!



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