Octoberfest in Alpine

October 2013

Written by Deryle & Wanda Mehrten

Any ride to Alpine has to be either up or down the Coronado Trail, what once was Highway 666 and is now Highway 191.  This is the premier road in Arizona for twists and turns for miles, all up in the high forest.  There are enough blind rights and lefts to keep you busy and then you come to bunch of off camber blind left and right turns.  A road to ride with respect and keeping within your limits.  The old, “A man must know his limitations…”

The trees are in their fall colors and the road was in excellent shape.  We shed layers all morning and enjoyed the cool of Hannagan Meadow at 8-thousand some feet.  The weather was just about perfect all day Friday.  What a surprise we had Friday night and Saturday morning when the temperatures were in the twenties.  Sunday morning a couple of bikes needed a boost to get going.  No problem, half the folks there had a set of jumper cables.

Friday night the place for dinner was the Fox Fire at Alpine.  Their food was excellent and the cottage atmosphere made it even more close and fun.  Their selection of Bourbons was impressive and the wine wasn’t bad either.  Good eats, we’d go there again.

Saturday night we had a crowd!  There were 39 SEAT members and guests.  Everyone got a door prize and hopefully had a good time enjoying the food and camaraderie.  We pushed the limits of the Alpine Grill with so many folks.  We all joined in singing a SEAT Happy Birthday to Chris Frey.  And congratulations to Rich Reilly on winning the 50/50, he took home $70.  Thanks to all the folks who bought 50/50 tickets, and thanks to Don Cameron for helping us sell so many.  Good times.

Back at the hotel Saturday night it was hard to be outside it got so cold.  After a few adult beverages of choice most folks were inside pretty quickly.  Fall was in full fall flight, it was downright cold Saturday night and Sunday morning.  We donned our Frogg Toggs Sunday morning to help keep the chill out.

Breakfast for most was at either the Alpine Grill or the Bear Wallow Café.  Both do a reasonable breakfast though the Bear Wallow just seems to out ambiance the Grill for breakfast.  Most folks were up and gone by 8 or 9 am.  Some of us waited until 10 or so when it got warmer.  

Combined with Craig’s Kingston Overnighter this was one of the best SEAT October Fest Overnighters ever!  And it’s all because so many folks came and enjoyed each other’s company.  It’s always the guys and gals who join in that make the SEAT club so much fun.  We’ll keep planning ‘em if you’ll keep coming to ‘em!

SEAT Members present:  Skip Blecker, Gary Bloomstrom, Jim Breen, Don Cameron, Steve Cantrill & Barbara Zirinsky, Dave & Carole Delie, Chris Frey & Stacey Cada, Roy & Phyllis Fox, Bill Getter, Jack & Camille Herbst, Tony & Tami Ivy, Craig & Jan Littlefield, Mike LoGalbo, Al Maurine, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Bev Ford & Richard Pettigrew, Dick & Sioux Prince, Rich & Claudia Reilly, Len Robbins, Frank Ruffin, Roger Salzgeber and David Swain.  Guests:  George Arvanitis, John Atkins, Ron Foltz, George Kostiew, Hayes Paden and Zach Wilson.


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