SEAT Lunch at La Casita Mexican Restaurant, Mammoth, AZ

October 2006    

The La Casita Restaurant just around the corner in Mammoth is well liked judging from the score of 7.2 in the SEAT Café Survey (You did make your druthers known through the Café Survey on the SEAT web site?).  Service has always been good there, too.

     The weather guy predicted scattered showers and he was right on.  This is the third SEAT lunch in a row that rain has caught up with the lunch goers.  Still, it was a gorgeous day to go for a ride, sunny skies and cool temps.  Ain’t fall great!

     As usual the parking lot had some of the finest bikes known to man for up close viewing.  The new K1200’s and R1200’s will soon be joined by the new 650’s and 800’s.  There were pictures of the new models at the Iron Horse Open House and Swap Meet.   Check out for pictures of the swap meet.  Good turn out!

     Hwy 77 past Oracle Junction can really be a fun road, especially as you get close to the 177 turn off.    Law enforcement presence though was quite heavy.  There were several patrol cars that were pulling folks over.  Of course none of us SEAT members exceed the posted speed limit...right!  Hope no one got to meet any of the Patrol Officers.

     Was good to see Joe and Nancy Giordano at the lunch.  They are still recovering from a nasty encounter with an 18-wheeler.  Sometimes luck and clean living really helps.  Good seeing you guys.

     Lunch will be in Benson in November.  Makes it easy for our fellow SEAT members coming back from the Deming Gathering.  See you there!

     Thanks to Craig Littlefield for all the pictures. 

     Members present:  Roger Austin, Gail Ben-Jamin, Ed Birch, Gary Blomstrom & Deb Josselyn, Dave & Carole Delie, David Engle, Joe & Nancy Giordano, Eldon & Karen Helmer, Maynard Hershon, Bill Leach, Al Maurine, Mick McKinnon, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Allen & Diane Moore, Bob Norem, Alan Payne, Bob Ramig, Bill Schink, Tom Simpson, Stan Thibaut, Guy Trudeau, Barry & Elaine West, John Willmann.  Guest:  Sumaya Frick


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