Vail Steak House Cafe & Diner- Vail

July 2014 

What a beautiful morning to go for a ride to meet up with other like-minded Beemer heads.  The monsoon rains have cooled the desert down and turned everything green.  There are puddles along the side of the road and small ponds out in the fields.  Makes for a gorgeous landscape to ride through. 

This is the time of year when SEAT does a breakfast gathering.  Riders can beat the afternoon heat and get in some tire kicking and tale telling before the monsoon rains flare up.  Keeping the SEAT breakfast close to Tucson makes it an easy ride for many SEAT members.

The cool air also gives the KGT a bit more pep as well.  It was hard to keep our speed down as we rode along Marsh Station Road.  Seems the old Benson Highway though has gotten a bit bumpy - setting the suspension to Comfort made a big difference.  The only concern we had was where the rains have carried dirt and rocks across the road.  Watch for that as you ride around Arizona during the monsoon season.

It was nice to see so many SEAT members at the Vail Steak House Café & Diner for the July SEAT Breakfast.  The owner opened the back room for us and we had two waitresses who took excellent care of us.  Hard to believe we can get so much food for such a good price.  Tasty too!

Some big SEAT news was announced at the breakfast.  SEAT is going to go through some changes.  Wanda and I are retiring again.  We stepped in to help out during the transition from Allen & Diane Moore to Craig Littlefield and now it’s time to pass the reins on.  Craig has organized a SEAT Advisory Board to help put some new life and ideas into SEAT.  The SEAT Advisory Board Members are Craig Littlefield, Dave Danks, Susan O’Brien, Rich Riley and Roger Austin.  A most excellent group to take charge of SEAT.

Thanks to all the SEAT members and guest who made the breakfast:  Noel Addy, Roger Austin, Skip Blecker, Ross Carroll Dave Danks, Dave Delie, Beverly Ford, Matt Foscue, Paul & Melanie Godwin, Mike Holmes, Art Jacobson, Deborah Josselyn, Craig Littlefield, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Carl Mueller, Bob & Marianne Muller, Dan Neal, Jon & Rachelle Nicolussi, Susan O’Brien, Joe Russo & Sherry Daniels, Dick Sackett, Don Schweiger, Jim & Denise Strang, Roger & Susan Voelker, Joe Zinn.  Guest:  Anthone Ware.

The August’s SEAT gathering will again be a breakfast and will be at the Tubac Golf Resort & Spa in the Stables Restaurant.  This is quite the location with some amazing Arizona history.  Be sure to mark your calendar.  August is also the ride to Prescott and Steve Cantrill’s Ambassador Brunch in Payson.  Check the SEAT web site for all the details, .

As always, it’s the members who make SEAT great.  See you on the road!


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