Death Valley 2005

The trip over to Death Valley was a bit daunting this year.  The weather forecast called for rain every day.  Combine that with road closures in and around Death Valley Park due to wash outs and snow/ice and it was with a bit of trepidation that we left Thursday morning for Laughlin, NV, our first stop on the way.

     Don Cameron and Bill Getter came over to Sierra Vista Wednesday afternoon and were our riding partners to DVD X 0=0.  You do feel safer riding with experienced riders that are there if you need them.

     The weather Thursday morning was a real pleasant surprise.  We had sunshine and blue skies all the way to Laughlin.  Smooth sailing on some of Arizona’s best back roads.

     Friday morning and into the park north of Baker, CA, it started to rain.  Riding by the “dry lake” that was full all the way to the road, it was really raining.  Thank goodness for FroggToggs and Gortex.

     Hwy 178 through the actual valley was a real surprise.  There was this huge lake all the way down the valley!  Seems some enterprising souls even brought a couple of kayaks to Bad Water and floated around in them.  Lots of water everywhere.

     Saturday morning we had a dusting of snow on all the mountains surrounding us.  We in the valley reportedly received one-half of an inch of rain that night.  There were a few wet folks in the camping zone.

     The SEAT stew gathering went off as planned Saturday night.  About thirty folks enjoyed some stew that was worth dying for.  Soooo yummy on a cold January night.

     Thanks to Bert and Susi Fox for bringing the stew pot, beer and cooker; Butch Smith and Bev Grosh for bringing the paddle and stew meat (Bev cooked the meat, too) along with all the condiments; and Phillip Orth for bringing the firewood.

     And a special thanks to all the SEAT members who brought all the stew fixings!  Man was that stew and Sourdough and Sheepherder bread good or what!!!

     The ride home Sunday and Monday were also good riding days.  A bit of wind and some low temperatures to keep you paying attention, but nothing so bad that we wouldn’t do it again next year...we’re planning for it already!

     Many thanks to Brian Curry and Dave Swider for hosting DVD X 0=0.  This was the tenth Death Valley Daze gathering and a tribute to SEAT member Rob Lentini, one of the original DVD organizers, who passed away in 2004 due to cancer.  Rob was well known for his throttle body sync commonly known as Zero Equals Zero (0=0).

     Members present:  Art Jacobson, Bill Getter, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Bert & Susi Fox, Dave & Jere Fredenburgh, Butch Smith & Bev Grosh, Stan Thibaut, Dave Delie, Craig Littlefield, Harb Lill, Don Cameron, Al Maurine, Mick & Linda McKinnon and Phillip Orth.   

Photos by Deryle Mehrten, Harb Lill and Craig Littlefield


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