SEAT Dinner and The Cycle World

International Motorcycle Show! 

†††† The New Cardinal Stadium is really huge!The International Motorcycle Show only got to use half of the ground floor.The rest of the floor was being converted to a stage for the Stones concert.Lots of construction.

†††† The stadium construction still underway and the Stones stage preparation really took away from the show.Everything was so scattered out, it was a bit of a mess.This may have contributed to the small number of vendors that were on hand.

†††† All the big dealers were there and, contrary to the advertisements, there were demo rides.The BMW exhibit was really well done.Lots to look at.

†††† The SEAT dinner at Hooters was...a hoot!If you didnít make it to the show check out all the pictures on the SEAT web

††††††††† Members present:Mark Baker, Ed Birch, Don & Mary Lou Cameron, Hank Halverson, Jim & Audrey Hambleton, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Alan & Diane Moore, Thomas Palmer, Dean & Cindi Reardon, Bill Schink, Bryan Seneviratne, Alan & Marilyn Speert, Alan & Susan Stewart and their children Allison and Ryan Stewart, Andrew Waldman, Pat Walsh, and Tim Zierman.At the show we also saw:Art Jacobson, Bill & Sherry Spurgeon.

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