AMA Hall of Fame Museum

Tom Zirbel

January 2015

Tom recent wrote of his traveling and adventures. Tom is a long time SEAT member that lives in Arkansas. He thought he was heading to Dallas to work for a broker dealer. He had consulted for them since September. While traveling around the country for them, another opportunity availed itself in Columbus OH. He started on the January 5th as COO for a financial services firm headquartered in Columbus. Kay is still in Arkansas while the house is for sale.

His first weekend in frozen Columbus, he was looking for something to do and bingo. The AMA Hall of Fame Museum is in the suburb of Pickerington. It is really well done. Not nearly as big as the Museum in Birmingham but very well done. Attached are some photos.

Tom drove through a little snow fall and 6 degree temps, and ventured to the local BMW dealer. They were open! They sell BMWs, Ducatis, Vespas, and Triumphs. Their inventory takes up two floors. They promised him he could be riding again by late March.

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