Discover Arizona - Winslow, Arizona - The Guy Standin' on the Corner 

      The Discover Arizona rides this past year have been an absolute blast.  Routes to the various dinner sites have given us and the other SEAT members coming to the Saturday night dinner gatherings some great scenery and terrific riding.  This past ride up to Winslow to hang with “The Guy Standin’ on the Corner” was one of the best.

     Our route took us up Olde Hwy 666, The Coronado Trail.  Not only is this one of the premier motorcycle roads around, our curiosity was peeked over the fire damage caused by the Wallow fire.  Even with the lush green underbrush that has sprung up with the onset of the rainy season, it wasn’t hard to see all the blackened trees, in some areas for quite a ways.  The Wallow fire was truly of epic proportions.

     After a relaxing night in the Sportsman’s Lodge in Alpine, with heavy rains overnight, the ride over to Winslow was an easy morning ride.  Throwing in a few back roads and a couple of towns we haven’t been through added a few miles and a few smiles.  The small town of Concho and the little two lane road over to Snowflake were a great diversion.  The little bit of freeway from Holbrook over to Winslow was no problem.

     Winslow is a Route 66 and former Santa Fe Railroad town.  The La Posada is an old Harvey House that took care of the travelers using the rails to cross the US of A back in the railroad hay days.  Opened in 1930, then closed in 1957, the new owners began restoring the building when they purchased it in 1997.  The hotel rooms have been nicely restored; the gardens are well into becoming world class; the Martini bar is excellent; and the restaurant is way over the top.  Expensive for sure.

      The obligatory picture at “The Guy Standin’ on the Corner” turned out great.  The wall behind the bronze guy has been repaired and a new city park on the other side of the wall will be built in the near future.  Even a flat bed Ford is parked next to the bronze statue.  Jamie and Robert Laposta’s R1100S make a nice foreground.

     Dinner and drinks in the La Posada’s Turquoise Restaurant Saturday night was a blast.  Six couples make for a perfect sized group, we could all talk at once and still be heard.  Our appetizers and main courses were very tasty.  The suggested wines were well thought out and complemented the meal nicely.  Those sticky, chocolately deserts were something to see.  Good times for sure!

     Our ride home would be broken into two days.  Sunday we would stop at Steve Cantrill’s Ambassador Brunch in Payson.  An early stop in Globe to beat the heat worked out great.  Monday morning’s 200 mile ride into Sierra Vista was in the cool 80s, a piece of cake.

     A super thanks to all who made the Winslow Discover Arizona ride.  We’ve got a few more overnight rides up our sleeve, stay tuned.

       Members present:  Gary & Deborah Blomstrom, Art & Katherine Jacobson, Robert & Jamie Laposta, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Allen & Diane Moore, Alan & Marilyn Speert.

    Ride safe.

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