Windy Point on New Years Day

Deryle & Wanda Mehrten

January 2012

The tradition of riding up the Catalina Highway to Windy Point on New Years Day started way back when.  I remember a BMW MOA Owners News with a picture of the Tucson Gang at Windy Point on the front page.  That was about the time Wanda and I got interested in the BMW Motorcycle community.
This year as is usual the meet up point was the McDonalds at the junction of Tanque Verde and the Catalina Highway.  This is good place to meet - there’s lots of hot coffee and for the brave a warm breakfast.  It’s a good place to say hi to folks and depending on the weather make the go or no-go decision.  This year the weather was terrific, really terrific.  It was a no brainer.
Bicycles, Jeeps and Beemers were lined up out in the parking lot when Wanda and I rode up.  Leaving Sierra Vista at o-dark-thirty it’s a bit cold…we didn’t get an early start.

According to the Weather Bug it was 27 degrees Fahrenheit when we left.  The dash on the K1200GT showed 30 for a mile or twenty before it began to warm up.  And warm up it did.  By the time we pulled into the McDonald’s parking lot it was into the high 50s.  We debated taking off our electric vests but though better of it as it would get cooler as we headed up the hill to Windy Point

Lucky for us we left before the Jeeps.  Except for a few slow moving cars when we first left, the traffic wasn’t bad.  I did do a quick pass on a slower car that might be construed as speeding, but not too bad.  The road was dry and ice free by the time we started up.  Snow along the road started appearing after the 5,000 foot mark.  Even so, the temperature stayed in the high 50s.
There were two “groups” at Windy Point - the Beemer Group and everyone else.  Lots of Beemers and a pretty good contigent of Ducatis as well.  Everyone was kewl and we all had a good time wishing each other Happy New Year and such.  A nice gathering of motorcyclist.

Our ride home took us down the mountain, a bit of freeway then Highway 83 south to Sonoita.  Hwy 83 over the Santa Rita Mountains was dry but did have a bit of traffic; this was the 1st Day of the New Year and a Sunday to boot.  The temperature hit 77 before we left Tucson and didn’t get under 70 all the way home.  What a grand day for a ride.

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