Ride to Prescott and Whiskey Row in Arizonaís Early Territorial Capital 

     This time of year itís hard to predict what the weather will bring.  Crossing the desert in the monsoon season can be pretty exciting and maybe a bit dangerous as well. 

     Leaving for Prescott Saturday morning at about 5:30 am it was cool with cloud cover.  The ride to Gila Bend via I-10 and I-8 went by pretty fast, the K1200GT really eats up the road, have to keep a sharp eye on the speedometer...or use cruise control.

     Once to Gila Bend it was off the freeway for the rest of the trip, including the return trip.  Old Highway 80 between I-10 and I-8 is still an excellent ride.  There is little to no traffic and even a water ski attraction along the way (ask me at a club lunch).

     Jumping over the 355th on the Salome Highway will take you up to Vulture Mine Road, the back door into Wickenburg.  Vulture Mine Road is an excellent Shortcut, Long Cut or Way Around that is devoid of traffic.

     The ride up Yarnell hill can take your breath away and Hwy 89 through the forest into downtown Prescott is gorgeous.  This is what motorcycle rideing is all about.

     Dinner at the Prescott Brewing Company didnít disappoint, the beer was cold and tasty, and the food was delicious.  Ten SEAT members made it to the dinner.  We missed Deb and Gary Blomstrom, they always make it...sometimes a bit late...but always make it.  Next time.

     The heat come on with a vengenance on the way home.  Cutting down to Ajo from Gila Bend the temperature hit 105 for a few miles then settled into 101.  We survive by drinking from a Camelback water bag tucked into the tank bag.  A sip every 10 minutes or so really helps beat the heat.

     Wusses that we are, we spent the night at the Marine Motel in Ajo.  The Bowling Alley next door has great Margrittas and the Bamboo Village Restaurant has pretty good fried rice.  All within walking distance.

    Monday morning the temps started out in the high 88ís and pretty much stayed there until just past the Kitt Peak junction.  Really a pretty easy ride.  We were home before noon.  Most excellent trip.  Canít wait for the August Ride to Winslow and the Guy Standin on the corner.  See you there!

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