What Do You Carry In Your Tank Bag?

by Deryle Mehrten

Wanda and I are getting pretty good at sorting out what to take when traveling.  Letís face it, space is at a premium when you travel two up with camping gear.

     We have the standard BMW K1200RS tank bag.  It fits securely and is easy to gas up with it.  We keep it pretty full as you can see from the picture on the left.  Thereís my hat, camera, coffee thermos, zip ties, flashlight, autocom, first aid stuff, rag, phone, Leatherman, duct tape, PDA, wallet, multi-meter, snacks, spare glasses, Advil, matches in a waterproof container, helmet locks, phone charger, glue, garage door opener, hair brush, ear plugs, string, spare spark plug, alarm key, pen, spare 9v battery, spare heat controller, small wad of twine, some electric wire, etc.  Lots of stuff!



The picture below shows  what makes it under the seat.  The charcoal canister has been removed from my bike and I use the space it took up for a leather bag that holds my tools. In the bag I have a set of wrenches and sockets, complete with extensions.  The Allen wrenches are now ball-end sockets. 

     The BMW MOA Anonymous book, insurance card and title/registration go in the seat compartment.  All the first aid gear goes in the blue bag and is just stuffed in between the frame and side cover.

   Jumper cables, tire repair kit and siphon hose.   Carry lots of CO2 cartridges.  If you ever need them you will need a bunch.  Change the glue once a year, too.  Be prepared!