Moab Utah Off Road Ride

 by Mike Hoppe    

Day 1. The pics say it all…best and most difficult technical riding Phil & Bartz have ever done…and so far I’m still alive! 

Day 2 found us starting up the very technical Poison Spider Trail.  About 4 miles in we backed out after encountering a climb that (for the moment) was a bit too much for all but one of us.  Heading up Long canyon things were a bit less challenging and in our (my) confidence, we decided descending poison spider would be a bit easier…what we didn’t know was that getting to the other end (from the top of the mesa) of poison spider is some of the most technical of all the trails in Moab.  The attached pictures are typical of the 30 mile or so of abuse we endured…got lost, learned how to ride stuff that earlier in the morning was impossible, hit the bottom of poison spider trail with 30 seconds of light left, rode back to moab in the dark.  Most difficult challenge and riding any of us have ever done. 

After the Gonzo Abusive day 2 ride, we figured we better get another ride in before the 48 hour “I can’t move” level of pain kicked in.  So we decided to do the route we had laid out prior to arrival…thinking THAT would be the hard one…it was looking like a dream compared to the day before!  This ride is the white rim trail – 90 miles of remote off road – the park ranger told us 4x4’s plan on 3 days and must be totally self supported…no rescue.  With a couple of minor exceptions, this was a way easier ride than the day before.  We did take a bit of a different route that took us down to the Green River and Mineral Bottom that added about 30 miles of dirt…total ride was about 150 miles.  Notice the 2.5 gallon gas container on the back of my bike…Honda Tanker.  Somebody has to carry the fuel, parts, and tools for the KTM’s!  …J  Best part about this ride was the scenery…absolutely stunning…put us in overload for the whole ride!    

We are already making plans to come back next spring.


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