Utah/Idaho - Mike Hoppe’s Off Road Adventures 

 by Mike Hoppe

     After the last ride, leaving Durango is tough…so nice there, check out www.durangoriversideresort.com and say hi to Eric and Jaimie who manage the resort.  Heading over to Utah I had decided to take the ferry across Lake Powell to Bullfrog in order to ride the Burr Trail over to Boulder on route 12. 

     First off, the road over to the ferry is outstanding…totally worth going out of the way for!  Secondly, the boat ride alone is worth the $10 ticket…and that includes your motorcycle!  Best of all is the Burr trail…

     Heading off to the northeast from Bullfrog, the Burr trail starts off as ancient pavement and quickly degrades to a combination of pavement, gravel and washouts…in other words a perfect GS road!  After 15 miles or so it turns to hardpack with some sand sections just before the switchbacks that take you up to the mesa.  Once on top of the mesa, it quickly turns back to unmarked narrow asphalt that is about 30 miles of incredible twisties and scenery.

     Route 12 used to be my favorite road in the U.S. …not anymore!  If you want to ride this on a street bike just head southeast out of Boulder (at Route 12) on the Burr trail…it will be an in and out ride but guaranteed to make you grin!

     Overnighted at the Red Rock Rendezvous in Panguitch, Utah and then headed up the superslab past Salt Lake to Idaho.  I had GPS-routed some ranch roads in Idaho to do a little exploring.  They started off as paved, degraded to gravel (as expected), but then became trails…but I was 30 miles committed by that point…so I kept going.  The pictures don’t do it justice …360 degrees of nothing but horizon for 40 miles..and an 8 inch wide dirt track…very weird but I made it!

     Hanging out at my friend Lee’s on Flathead lake in Montana for the next 2 days then off to Hell’s Canyon NP and the Oregon coast…to be continued...

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