Utah off road riding

April 2016

Phil Curtis

Six of us gathered April 28th in Springerville after routes from Green Valley, Tucson, Globe, Flagstaff and Safford. Most got a little dusty on their GS’s in that portion and some enjoyed the HWY 191 twisties. From there we traveled to Bluff, Utah in conditions of partly sunny and cool to 34 degrees and spitting snow and then back to partly sunny and 60 at Bluff. It was a good test of all our gear, especially the heated units.

The next morning, afternoon rain was predicted so we rode the dirt roads North of Mexican Hat including the Valley of The Gods, the Moki Dugway ascent and Muley Point Overlook before spotty but heavy downpours turned our planned dirt road to red clay grease. A return to Bluff over dry dirt roads included a search for a lost GS’r who paused for one too many photos and missed a left turn. It was great to see him turn into our cafe lunch spot where we had decided to refuel before searching further. Never risk missing lunch!

After a mandatory gas stop we did risk a fifty mile dirt route that could have ended our adventure by stranding us in a greasy section that claimed the windshield of a very dirty GS and excellent technical rider who took a bath in the red clay soupy surface. We had to creep back over a half mile of slime you couldn’t even stand up on to get back to a dry surface and escape ahead of another downpour that would have stopped us cold.

The next AM we awoke to the sound of rain on a metal roof, picked a route home between converging storms and enjoyed mostly dry roads back to Show Low with the wet crap closing in behind us. It was good training for my return to Michigan two days later! This would be a good, early May, Seat ride for those with knobby tires next spring.

Riders were Phil Curtis, Ricardo Osburn, Aladin Abughazaleh, Mike Bartz, from Tucson Area.. Ron Green from Safford. Paul Dutton from Flagstaff.



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