Track Day at INDE Motorsports Ranch

Deryle & Wanda Mehrten

May 2013

Located just west of Willcox off of Airport Road this is a very nice facility and race track.  The track sits in the middle of nothing yet has all the conveniences you would expect at a motorsports track.

The observation tower gives you quite a view of the track.  I didnít climb up to the scoring booth, but even hanging on the side of the ladder I got an awesome view of the track.

John Cartwright III reserved the track on Memorial Day for the entire day.  There were 6 bikes out on the track, including the Iron Horse AMA Superbike with John twisting the throttle.  It was quite obvious when he went by the Observation Tower which bike was the AMA Superbike.

The weather couldnít have been better.  Clouds came and went all morning while we were there and kept the temps in the low 80s.  Nice!  The temperature are rising and future track days will have to start very early to beat the heat.

If you are interested in joining John on a track day, you can get all the details at the Iron Horse Motorcycles web site ( .  To see more about the INDE Motorsports Ranch check out their web site


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