The Tombstone-show up or not ride Report!†

†††† Fourteen brave souls made the ride to Tombstone, the town to tough to die.† The ride down was a test to see if you could ride in the wind, Dick Prince and Steve Cantrill both remarked.† The winds through the Kansas Settlement area, south of Willcox, tested even the experienced rider.

†††† The Saturday night dinner at Nellie Cashmans was memorable.† The after dinner drinks in Steve & Sally Cantrillís room were a hoot.† A good time was had by all.† Weíre looking forward to the breakfast in Payson at the Cantrillís (see page 6).

†††† Attendees:† Dick & Sioux Prince, Steve & Sally Cantrill, Mike & Doreen Conner, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Ted Moffitt, Don Montath, Hank Halverson, Randy, and Jim & his wife. 

†† ††††

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