Vintage Owners Club Tech Day† by Don Cameron 

†††† Darryl Richman of Santa Cruz, California hosts a tech day for vintage airheads at his house in April each year. It is an airhead BMW paradise. There are about 40 to 50 bikes from all around the bay area and other parts of California. They usually start arriving around 10 AM and it is amazing the jobs that are taken on during the next 6 hours or so. I have seen clutches replaced, transmission bearings and gears renewed, wiring harnesses replaced, and simple services completed. The oldest motorcycle ridden to Darryl's this year was a 1938 R50 which came from San Francisco. As can be seen from the pictures there are all kinds of restored airhead BMW's. Their owners really know the motorcycles and they are always happy to talk about them as long as a person will listen.

†††† Darryl provides the meat (this year was pork ribs) and everybody brings some sort of a side dish. For myself being from the southwest, it is a whole new group of people to meet. Although some do come to the Deming Gathering in November, most are new faces to me. Along with great company, the location is just superb. Darryl's house is on top of the coastal range just south of Santa Cruz. You can see the Pacific ocean from his deck so you have a tremendous view.

†††† All in all it is a great gathering to attend. It is usually on the 2nd or 3rd Saturday in April which is a good time for us to ride from our part of the world. If anybody (or anybodies) want to attend,† just let me know and we can ride out together.†††

Don Cameron (†††

†[Ed Note:† You can also check out more about Darryl Richmanís tech day at ]

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