Skip Blecker's Loop into Colorado

Skip Bleker

August 2014

I just took off on a solo jaunt looping thru New Mexico, Colorado and Utah.  I left Friday August 8th and returned Friday August 15th.  Highlights included the grandkids in Albuquirque. Then to Los Alamos, Taos, the Rio Grande River Gorge, Great Sand Dune National Park, Pikes Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park, Steamboat Springs, Torrey Utah and Capital Reef National Park, the North Rim and then home.  

It was 2,805 miles and most of the time the temperature was under 80 degrees.  A place called Bishop's Castle, and Great Sand Dunes in southern Colorado impressed me the most.  Pikes Peak and Rocky Mountain National Park had too many slow drivers.  My R1200R worked great.  Now it is back to work.


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