Land of Enchantment BMW Rally, Sipapu, New Mexico 

     The Land of Enchantment BMW Club puts on an excellent rally.  Your rally fee gets you two nights of camping, a Chili dinner on Friday and a Fajita dinner on Saturday night.

     Lots of Door Prizes is always nice, too.  The 50/50 Drawing was for $190 and Wanda won!  First time ever!

     The riding in the Sipapu area is spectacular.  This is ski country so expect it to get a bit cool in the early mornings and evenings.  At past rallies it has been in the 20s and 30s!

     The Sipapu Rally has been a SEAT favorite for many years.  Be sure to add it to your 2008 riding plans.  Just the ride up there is worth it! 

     SEAT Members present:  Don Cameron, Marina Ackerson, Howard Schultz & Elsa Long, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Steve Cantrill.    (Sorry if we missed any other members who were there.)

     Good seeing you all!   


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