By Mike Hoppe

Friday morning after the frost cleared, Phil Curtis, Dan Baer, Brian Sterret and Mike Hoppe took off from the Avra Valley Airport to give Dan his first taste of a little more technical dirt and to officially baptize his yellow 1200gs.  As you all know, the Tucson Adventure Riders believe in baptism by immersion…non of this sprinkle the water stuff. 

Off we headed to Silverbell Road and the west side of the Silverbell mountains.  The highlights of the trip were the two water crossings that proved a bit trickier than previous crossings.  After watching Phil cross the first of the flows and submerging his front tire almost completely,  Mike decided to cross a bit more to the right on what had previously been the high side.  An undetected hole dropped the front end of Mike’s bike and the back end came around at 45 degrees…Phil was scrambling for his camera for what he thought would be a sure dunking…but alas Mike saved it (barely J) and escaped victorious across the cow pasture.

Dan completed both crossings looking like a total pro.  He has been spending way too much time learning from Phil and is already making the rest of us look bad!  For example, notice in the picture of Brian, the angle of his handlebars and his front wheel…mid stream…it got a bit more dramatic for Brian a second later, but he to survived to tell yet another “save” story.

Best part about the water crossing?  Mike’s bike got a wash.

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