o Second Annual Sierra Vista Invitational Dual Sport Ride

  by Tim Zierman

   It was billed as the Second Annual Sierra Vista invitational dual sport ride.  In fact,  the previous ride was in November of 04 so the interval was about 15 months.  The ride was open to all SEAT members and friends but only about half of the dozen participants were from SEAT.  Deryle and Wanda were at the start,  the lunch stop, and the finish, showing their support and taking some pictures.  Cochise Motorsport once again showed their support by providing prizes.  Everyone got something.  Thanks Cochise!

     In addition to local participation,  there were riders from Sedona and Flagstaff.  They were invited as a form of recognition for putting on the Sedona AMA National dual sport ride.  Chester Cheesman from Michigan also participated.  Chester winters in Tucson and was invited because he helps layout the annual Six Days of Michigan dual sport ride.  By the way Chester is 75 years young and is still doing it in the dirt!

   Lunch was provided at the south end of High Lonesome Road by my wife Vicky,  and Kay Oakes.  This spot was chosen to give riders a break before entering the last and most challenging sections. Despite some riders getting temporarily lost and a few mechanical problems,  everyone had good things to say about the ride and all were smiling at the finish in downtown Bisbee.

    Pat Walsh,  George Oakes and I worked hard to put together a ride that provided a full days ride in the dirt that was interesting and somewhat challenging.  Part of the challenge was to be able to navigate with the provided roll chart.  This is the method used by virtually all AMA national dual sport rides. Some riders had trouble at first but soon got the hang of it.

     Its surprising to me that there's not more interest on the part of SEAT members in a dirt riding experience.  We've got miles and miles of dirt roads in this part of Arizona that vary from well graded roads to very rough and challenging ones.  If you stick strictly to pavement in your motorcycling activities you're missing out on some of most interesting riding opportunities in this part of the country.  After all how many times can you ride Charleston Road or Arrivaca road and still find it interesting? 

[Editors Note:  The riders:  Tim Zierman, Pat Walsh, Steve Brown, Chester Cheesman, George Oakes, Dave Fredenburgh, Ron Moyer, Dean Hamilton, John Holton, Mike Masano, Greg Baumann, and Dave Chirstopher.

     Tim, Pat and George did a most excellent job!  Watch for another Sierra Vista Invitational Dual Sport Ride in another 12 or 15 months!] 

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