Run for the Borders
Roger Volker

Bisbee, AZ, 6 miles from the Mexican border

downtown Bisbee

Looking south into Mexico from the historic John Slaughter Ranch outside of Douglas, AZ. The fence marks the border.

Chiricahua National Monument north of Douglas

View from the Coronado Trail on US 191 between Morenci & Alpine

More of the Coronado Trail


US 191 used to be US 666, the "Devils Highway." With over 400 curves in 93 miles and sheer drop offs, the Coronado Trail has been called the most dangerous road in America. If North Carolina has the "Tail of the Dragon", Arizona has the "Tail of the Devil".

Wilson Arch on US 191 south of La Sal Junction, UT

Fisher Towers in the Colorado River National Recreation Area along UT 128 northeast of Moab. Rt. 128 is a National Scenic Byway.

CO 139  leading to the summit of Douglas Pass between Fruita & Rangely          ⨀

Dinasaur Quary at the Dinosaur National Monument, outside of Vernal, UT

View along US 191 north of Rock Springs, WY

View along WY 28 between Farson & the Continenta​l Divide

Crossing the Continenta​l Divide on WY 28 between Farson & Lander

Red Canyon as viewed from WY 28 south of Lander

Wind River Canyon just south of Thermopoli​s, WY

MT 19 north of Grass Range

...and looking back the other way.

Back on US 191 south of Loring, MT

...and again, looking back the other way

Approachin​g the town of Loring as we continue on north 191 toward the border

Beautiful downtown Loring!

Field of harvested hay along 191 between Loring and the Canadian border

The border! However, plans to continue on into Canada and return to the US via SK 18 & 37 and MT 241 & 66 aborted because of no service stations, plus the Canadian Grasslands National Park was closed. So I just took some pics and headed back to Malta.

Downtown Red Lodge, MT, east of Yellowstone. I abandoned plans to return via West Yellowston​e and Jackson because of a low battery affecting early morning starts (thus avoiding the colder high country).

Laundry day back in Cody!

Approachin​g Flaming Gorge on UT 44 just ourside of Manila, UT

Flaming Gorge

Salmon swimming upstream to spawn

Looking back as we climb up out of the gorge

Flaming Gorge Reservoir

View along 191 north of Vernal

Arches National Park

Twin Rocks Cafe & Trading Post, Bluff, UT

Iconic view of Monument Valley from US 163

more Monument Valley

Home at last! Dawn breaks over the Catalinas after a wee hours ride from Flagstaff to beat the Phoenix heat.


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