Bonnie Does the Mother Road

Johnny Allen

April 2015

Steinbeck called it "The Mother Road, the road of flight," in his iconic 1939 novel, The Grapes of Wrath.  It carried 250,000 refugees from their drought-ridden land west, to hope and survival.  And you thought is was only a TV series…

Iconic it is…America's Main Street; only remnants today, of Route 66 and Main Streets everywhere.  Bonnie is the perfect time machine to explore what was.  Simple, timeless, accessible; beautiful, fun, playful.  Iconic in her own right.

Originally stretching from Chicago to Los Angeles, Arizona enjoys an interesting uninterrupted portion of Route 66, completely intact from Seligman to Kingman,and  climbing Sitgreeves Pass before dropping into Oatman.  That's this ride's objective.

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