Phil's Therapy

By Mike Hoppe

After receiving a call from Phil Curtis's Surgeon, I knew we had a crisis on our hands…

It seemed that Phil had become used to the easy life of laying around on his butt and having all this medical attention.  Apparently, the life of being served hand and foot by Susie and the medical team had turned Phil into, well truth be known, a lazy wimp.  While he would say otherwise, it became apparent that his favorite thing to do was to sit in a room and stare at 4 walls and sleep whenever he felt like it.  A big day for Phil was taking the dishes out of the dishwasher…

The pleading by Susie and Phil’s surgeon to help Phil out of his new found lazy-ass existence came just in time…

A top notch therapy team was formed as a last ditch effort to save Phil from himself.  Brian Sterret, Mike Hoppe, and Clark Vaught were called in to design a recovery plan and FORCE Phil to participate in it.

Day 1 of Therapy was BRUTAL…the hardest part was convincing Phil that this really was in his best interest J…yes, riding in the dirt was required…whether he liked it or not!  We elected to take it easy and rode Willow Springs to Freeman and over to Dudleyville and then along the San Pedro to San Manuel and up to Oracle.

Phil seems to responding to the therapy pretty well…arriving at checkpoints 5 minutes before everyone else and making the biggest “splash”. 

In all seriousness, we are incredibly blessed to have our much loved riding buddy back on the road and are looking forward to many more adventures!


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