Pass Baggin’ Colorado 

By Franco Bertollini 

“Whatsa behind me does not matter.”

Twenty seven hundred miles of wandering.  No agenda.  No particular place to be.  Routes suggested by fellow riders.  The perfect vacation. 

In The Bag 

Lizzard Head    10,222 feet
McClure     8,755
Independence   12,095
Weston  11,900
Fremont  11,320
Shrine  11,089
Vail   10,603
Berthoud   11,315
Gore 9,570
Loveland 11,900
Rabbit Ears 9,426
Muddy   8,722
Cameron  10,276
Milner 10,759
Kenosha  10,000
Red Hill   9,993
Hoosier 11,541
Trout Creek  9,346
Monarch     11,312
Black Sage 9,475
Red Mountain    11,018
Coalbank 10,640

The Best 

Ride over treeline:  Route 34 between Estes Park and Granby.

Ride thru canyons:  Route 141 between Placerville and Whitewater…stop at Gateway for great food (and I mean great!) and the automobile museum (yes!).

Funky town:  Leadville; also the coldest.

Hotel desk clerk:  K-K-K-Katie, Comfort Inn, Carbondale…blonde, blue-eyed…bakes cookies!!!

Local event:  The Gunnison Classic Car Show.

Weather:  Winter Park…sun, rain, hail, rain, sun…all within 200 yards.

Traveling road:  Route 14 east of Steamboat Springs to Fort Collins.

Electrical Accessory:  The electric vest.

Electronic Accessory:  The iPod.

Mechanical Accessory:  Two big jugs sticking out in the wind…perfect leg pillows when the world turns straight, flat and boring.

Pass period:  Independence, east of Aspen.

As they say, a return trip is in order!!

Yours in gasoline,


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