Three Generations on the "Peak"

Marina Ackerson, Albuquerque NM

June 2014

It was a typical bright sunny day on the west side of the Sandia mountain at the base of the tram. Looking out at the top of the mountain, however, was a curl of white clouds that reached from behind and over like a giant claw.

The plan was to ride around to the east side of the mountain and up the turquoise trail to the peak road and enjoy the 12 miles of perfectly banked curves to the very top. There was four of us on three motorcycles. Me (yiayia Marina) on my 2009 F650GS Twin, my daughter Kristin on her '97 F650 Funduro and son-in-law Dave with five year old grandson David Sky on the back of Daves '07 K12RS.

From the west side of the mountain it looked a little ominous, but Dave gave the go sign and led the way up. As we rounded each curve, we could feel the temperature drop more and more. It was downright cold when we got to the top and we were actually in the clouds. It was certainly a different kind of view than the first time I rode to the top some years ago on a clear warm blue sky day.

We parked and got off the bikes. David Sky said "I'm cold." I replied, "let's get some family photos quick and head back down where it's warm."


Pre-ride check

Ready to ride

At the peak

Back at elevation for lunch

Three Generations

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