North of Arivaca Road

by Mike Hoppe

Brian and I went back to the area North of Arivaca road on Friday.  With Phil’s knowledge of that area and his maps a couple of days earlier,  we laid out a GS able route to explore.  From the cow palace to where we exited on 286 it was 37 miles, 34 of which was dirt. Awesome riding.

The option that we did Friday took us north to the RV park and had some nice technical sections and a bit of deep sand in spots.  Brian was able to do it on tourances, but it is about as much as you would wan to do (by choice) without knobbies.

I have GPS files (.gdb for garmin mapquest users) for both routes down there.  The Amado – Ryan route is easier than Amado RV park route.

Owlgas route is from I-10 Marana on the north side of Tortillitas to Oracle Junction

Other routes are around Silverbell mine. Silverbell-Kitt peak is NOT recommended for GS’s. VERY deep sand if you recall!

There are a bunch of waypoints on this file for the roads NE of Roosevelt Lake that are on the docket for exploring this winter.

Good riding! 


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