No Scum Allowed Saloon

Richard and Bev Ford

June 2013

OK...we finally did it!

My friend, Julie Carter from New Mexico, once wrote a story about this place and I promised myself (and Julie) that someday I’d visit the No Scum Allowed Saloon in New Mexico,
Yesterday was the day to fulfill this self-promise and guy-pal Richard just happened to be here to make the trip more fun.

We got there mid-afternoon while it was very quiet and watched a couple guys write their name on some $10 bills and tape them to the ceiling that is already covered with that is probably older than you and I.  I was too cheap to pay $30 for a NSA (No Scum Allowed) T-Shirt or to tape money to the ceiling, but we absorbed all the very interesting history the bartender (a previous owner) shared as I sipped my non-alcoholic beer and Richard had a Corona.
We’ll go back again...not so much to visit this place because once is enough, but to ride our motorcycles through the beautiful countryside.  If you ever go that way make certain you allow time to go to San Antonio, NM for a green chile cheeseburger at the Buckhorn.  The menu says it was voted #7 in burgers.  I’m not certain what that means, but for me, almost a vegetarian, to not only eat one, but recommend it, is high praise.  Simply delicious and the place was full!  One is big enough for 2 people.  Perhaps one of the reasons it tasted so good was that is was Richard’s turn to buy!!!!!!!
(Remember...”All who wander are not lost!”)

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