The Mountains Around LA

Craig Littlefield

April 2011

Ron Foltz, Phil Curtis, Jay Hirrst and David Swain left on Thursday April 5th for a ride in the mountains around LA.

Their trip took them to Julian, Mesa Grande road and to the top of Palimar and stayed the night in Telecuma.

The next day they went through Hemet, Idylwild, up to Big Bear lake, past Arrowhead and spent the night on the beach south of Oxnard.

The third day they did the Rock Shop then the whole length of Angels Crest highway and spent the night in Yuma.

Sunday was a quick trip home to Tucson.

Weather was perfect the whole trip--some snow on the mountains but roads were clear. 1450 miles. They rode many of the great motorcycle roads of southern Cal but the high points were Mesa grade road north of Julian, South grade of mt Palomar(east grade not so good-poor road surface) and of course Angeles Crest highway. They were told not to do Angeles Crest on a weekend because of traffic and cops but  they did it on Sat and saw zero cops and traffic wasn`t that bad. They did find the perfect GS road--138 from lake arrowhead to I-15. The LT was a pig on that section. They went to the Rock Store on Sat morning and Jay was there (unfortunately it was Hirsch and not Leno)


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