Motorcycle Touring & Travel

by Bill Stermer Second Edition

Book Review† by Deryle Mehrten 

Motorcycle Touring & Travel by Bill Stermer (Second Edition), softbound, color, 160 pages 

†††† Many of you will recognize Mr. Stremerís name as he has been writing about motorcycles and touring on them for quite some time.† He has provided these writings to just about every motorcycle magazine out there.† There is no doubt Mr. Stermer is an experienced motorcyclist.

†††† Motorcycle Touring & Travel is a primer on the who, what, where, why and when of touring on a motorcycle.† I call it a primer because it is very basic.† In the chapter Choosing Your Motorcycle we find out there are single cylinder, twin cylinder, three cylinder, four cylinder and six cylinder motorcycles for the rider to choose from.† Lots of detail on the pros and cons of each configuration.† This is very basic stuff.† There is an excellent side bar in this chapter on the technique of picking up a fallen motorcycle that every motorcyclist should know.

†††† The chapters that follow cover the basics of how to accessorize your motorcycle, pick out the proper riding gear and how to pack when touring.† There is some good advice here about not exceeding the gross vehicle weight limit and keeping the weight of the motorcycle balanced.†

†††† Then we get into planning a trip, camping on a motorcycle, security while on a trip, and attending motorcycle rallies.† Each chapter is written for the beginner with the idea that the reader is new to motorcycling.

†††† To the experienced motorcyclist there is little new information to be learned.† Mr. Stremerís intention is to help someone who is brand new to motorcycling, or who hasnít ridden for several years, find out what riding and touring on a motorcycle is all about.† Kind of like a Motorcycle Safety Foundation beginner course on motorcycle touring.

†††† Mr. Stremerís writing style makes it easy to read his book.† Kind of like sitting around a campfire and bsíing with a group of folks new to motorcycling.† You can easily finish the book in one day.† I donít recommend the book to the experienced motorcyclist, but, if you know someone who is new to the sport, or is coming back after a long hiatus, Motorcycle Touring & Travel (along with MSF training) is an excellent beginning.


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