BMW Returns to the Racetrack – FIM World Superbike, Tooele, Utah 

          Over the last weekend of May the World Superbike Championship was at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah.  This would be the first time BMW has shown and raced their new S 1000 RR in the US.  It was also the first big display by BMW of their street going version.  The engine cut-away was really quite amazing.

     BMW has entered the FIM World Superbike Championship full tilt this year.  Their bikes are very small and very trick.  Unfortunately the many teething problems they are having has prevented anything super…yet.  BMW’s F1 World Championship attempts aren’t looking that good this year either.

     Miller Motorsports Park is an excellent racetrack.  There are three huge video board screens to view from selected grandstand seating.  The track has some turns that rival the infamous Corkscrew at the Laguna Seca racetrack in California.  The paddocks are very nicely laid out and made walking the pits and meeting the racers easy.

     The two BMW riders are Troy Corser and Ruben Xaus, both very experienced racers.  They finished in about the same position as their current World Superbike standings…near the tail end.  Still, for the first year with a brand new motorcycle they have shown at times they can run with the bid dogs.  Here’s rooting for a BMW in the Winner’s Circle soon.

     Former US Superbike Champ Ben Spies was hot.  In both of the two World Championship races Ben was in a class by himself.  A red flag in the first round cut into his 7 second lead.  By the end of the race he had added another 4 seconds to his lead.  In the second round he was brilliant, winning going away.  Even so, Ben continues to fight hard to stay in second place over all.  Seems at the start of the season he either crashed or won.  It’s still possible a World Superbike Championship could be in Ben’s future.

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