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We would like to publish your stories, maps and all. Where did you stay on the trip? Where not to stay. Is there running water?  Where is the best place to eat breakfast? Not to mention feeding the bike. And of course, your mistakes.
Send them to Craig Littlefield.


Vintage Motorcycle show 2017 - Carl Welch

Carl Welch's motorcycle history

Iron Horse ride to Sonoita February 2017

A long ride to Bisbee December 2016

Cave Creek 2016

Ride to Laughoin November 2016

Deryle & Wanda Mehrten's MOA Getawys 2016

Sam Roe's Arizona Ride - October 2016

Jerry Gilbert's 1500 Mile Bum Burner Gold Ride

Susan, Gail & Ross go to Chinle Oct 2016

Jerry Gilbert's Saddle Sore 1000

Roger Voelker rides the Continental Divide

Deryle & Wanda's trip to California July 2016

Charouleau Gap - Len Robbins

Utah off road riding - Phil Curtis

Vintage Motorcycle show by Craig Littlefield

Deryle & Wanda's New Years Day ride

Iron Horse Open House December 2015

Nine Pines Motel - Dave Danks

Free Range Touring - Henry d'Artagnan

Ross Carroll Does a Track Day

Bonnie does the Mother Road - Johnny Allen

Indian Country - Frank Ruffin

AMA Hall of Fame Museum - Tom Zirbel

Pearce Heritage Days - Bob Muller

Three Generations on the Peak - Marina Ackerson

Long Beach International Cycle Show - Deryle & Wanda Mehrten

Ricardo Osburn Dirt Riding in Peru

New Mexico Cultural Ride - Susan O'Brien

New Mexico in 5 Days - Craig Littlefield

Deryle & Wanda at the LOE BMW Rally at Sipapu NM

Chris Frey home in Switzerland

Skip to Colorado - Skip Blecker

Len to Yellowstone - Len Robbins

River Run to the BMW MOA - Roger & Susan Voelker

Report on the 2014 BMW MOA Rally - Tom Zerbil

Franco in Scotland

Stu Evans at the Antique Races

Frank Ruffin's Extended California Trip

The Day the Sky Turned Brown

Run for the Borders -Roger Volker

The Bertollinis in New Mexico - Franco Bertollini

A 4 Day Trip to California - Craig Littlefield

Silver City New Mexico & The Trail of the Mountain Spirits - David Danks

Maynard's Big Summer Trip - Maynard Hershon

Kingston 2014 - Craig Littlefield

Sunday Ride to the Bisbee Breakfast Club

One the Road to the BMW MOA National July 2013 - Deryle & Wanda Mehrten

Another Way Home - Deryle & Wanda Mehrten

Motorcycling Peru - Craig Littlefield

A Track Day at INDE Motorsports Ranch - Deryle & Wanda Mehrten

AZBeemer 32nd Roadrunner Rally - Deryle & Wanda Mehrten

Inaugural MotoGP at the Circuits of the Americas - Deryle & Wand Mehrten

SEAT at the BMW MOA Weekend Getaway, Cedar City, Utah

No Scum Allowed Saloon - Richard & Bev Ford

Old Pearce Heritage Days - Bob & Marianne Muller

A Dirt Ride to Young - Craig Littlefield

Brunch on the Way to Alpine - Deryle & Wanda Mehrten

A Friday Ride with Craig's Group - Deryle & Wanda Mehrten

Riding the Continental Divide - Craig Littlefield

Kingston 2012 - Craig ittlefield

Bob's Excellent Friday Ride - Deryle & Wanda Mehrten

Bob & Bob's Trip top Yellowstone - Bob Muller

2012 Roadrunner Rally - Deryle & Wanda Mehrten

Riding the Mountains Around LA - Craig Littlefield

Iron Horse fall Open House 2012 - Deryle & Wanda Mehrten

Riding the Southern California Mountains - Craig Littlefield

Southern Utah - Craig Littlefield

Windy Point on New Years Day 2012 - Deryle & Wanda Mehrten

Bob's Friday Ride December 2011 - Deryle & Wanda Mehrten

Steve Aiken's Iron Butt Rally

Discover Arizona, Winslow, Arizona, The Guy Standin' on the Corner

Discover Arizona Ride to Prescott

BMW Motorrad Days 2011 - Deborah Blomstrom 

Ride to Prescott and Whiskey Row - Deryle Mehrten

Dual Sport Riding in Minnesota - by Tim Zimmerman

Riding the Back Roads of New Mexico & Texas - By Len Robbins

Chris ŇĶeach°¶McNeil Stunt Show at Iron Horse Motorcycles 

2011 Scenic Adventure Ride

Motorcycling in Paradise by  - Jim Hambleton

Four Days in February in Arizona; All You Need is a Plan! - Marina Ackerson

 London Bridge Crossing - March Discover Arizona 2011 Ride 

Yuma Landing - Deryle Mehrten

My New Riding Partner - by Bill Schink 

Laughlin & Death Valley or Not Ride - Deryle Mehrten

Mount Lemmon on New Years Day 2011 - Craig Littlefield

Four Corners/Four Days - Joe Russo & John Campbell††

The SEAT Dam Bypass Ride - Deryle Mehtren 

Riding the Mogollon Rim - Len Robbins

4 Corners of Arizona - Doug Arnold 

Our Favorite Customers - Maynard Hershon

World Super Bike Races at Miller - Deryle Mehrten

DoLola√‘ and the 49r Rally - Steve Cantrill

Eleven and a Three - Maynard Hershon

Vintage Owners Club Tech Day - Don Cameron 

Junji√‘ Arizona Excursion - Deryle Mehrten

Arizona Dual SportAdventure Ride March 21, 2010

My Kiwi-land Tour Final Report - Vic Paladini

My Kiwi-land Tour Part IV - Vic Paladini

My Kiwi-land Tour Part III†- Vic Paladini

My Kiwi-land Tour Part II - Vic Paladini 

My Kiwi-land Tour Part I - Vic Paladini 

Big Bend Country - Marina Ackerson 

SEAT 4 Corners Ride - Mike Larson

The Dam SEAT Ride - Part III - Deryle Mehrten

The Dam SEAT Ride - Part II - Deryle Mehtren†

The Dam SEAT Ride - Part I - Deryle Mehrten†

Barry West Kills Deer - Al Maurine/Barry West

Riding with the Sport Bikes by Deryle Mehrten

Colorado Round 2 by Mike Hoppe

BMW Returns to the Racetrack °¶World Superbike by Deryle Mehrten 

The Red Rock Rendezvous by Deryle Mehrten

World Superbike Wanderings By Franco Bertollini 

AZ Beemer Roadrunner Rally, Heber, Arizona 

Tim and Pat√‘ Scenic Adventure Ride Through Southeastern Arizona

Death Valley 2009 Report by Deryle Mehrten

Winter Riding with Mike Hoppe

Short Days of November...The Gathering and Beyond by Marina Ackerson 

The Grants New Mexico Experience By Stephen Cantrill 

Craig & Jan Littlefield SEAT Challenge

A Four State Trip in 7 Days by Martin Coll 

Thunder Mountain Rendezvous by Chris Frey 

Riding in Florence by Mike Hoppe

You Can√’ Hope For Anything More†by Mark McClure

The Tetons, Yellowstone and Colorado By Franco Bertollini 

BMW MOA Rally in Gillette, Wyoming by Steve Cantrill 

Paonia Rally 2008 by Joe Russo 

SOL Y MAR - The Chain Gang Rides Sonora by Marina Ackerson

An Interview with Dr. Gregory Frazier

Al Maurine Airheads by Al Maurine

Motorcycle Rescue, Good Samaritan and Great Texas BBQ By John Wilson

Guess it was Our Turn by Deb and Gary Blomstrom 

Rain Riding by Mike Hoppe

Copper Canyon Adventure by Phillip Orth 

Chimney Rock Ride by Mike Hoppe

Oregon Coast - Mike Hoppe√‘ Off Road Adventures

Breakfast at BMW MOA Ambassadors Steve & Sally Cantrill√‘  

Land of Enchantment BMW Rally, Sipapu, New Mexico 

Eastern Bloc & Switzerland by Bill Schink††††

Utah/Idaho - Mike Hoppe√‘ Off Road Adventures by Mike Hoppe

Police Competition 2007

Pass Baggin°¶Colorado By Franco Bertollini 

Boys & Their Toys submitted by Al Maurine

Abandoned RR Trail by Steve Brown  

Green Desert by Mike Hoppe

100,000 Foot Ride by Daniel Neil

Chiva Falls...Just add water!  by Mike Hoppe

BMW MOA Wisconsin Rally 2007 by Al Maurine

Durango Colorado by Mike Hoppe

It√‘ Good to be Back Home by Bill Schink 

Chiva Falls - by Mike Hoppe

Pete De Rosa - World Famous SEAT Motorcycle Racer! 

Utah√‘ Canyons By Franco Bertollini

The "Tombstone-show up or not"

Adios 400 by Mike Hoppe

Off Road Ride to Moab by Mike Hoppe

Owl Head Butte by Mike Hoppe

South East Arizona Invitational Dual Sport Ride March 2007

Another Day in Paradise by Marina Ackerson

South East Arizona Invitational Dual Sport Ride  

2 Days in the Desert By Mike Hoppe

Howard & Elsa in Chile - VII

Howard & Elsa in Chile - VI

Howard & Elsa in Chile - V

Howard & Elsa in Chile - IV

Howard & Elsa in Chile - III

Dakar De Tucson by Mike Hoppe

Wilmot Road Ride by Mike Hoppe

Howard Schultz and Elsa Long's Report II From Chile by Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz and Elsa Long's Report I From Chile by Howard Schultz

Florence Off Road Ride by Mike Hoppe

Summer of 2006 by Joe Russo, Jr.

China by Allen & Diane Moore

The Road To Sipapu by Marina Ackerson

When Dreams Come True Part I by Stan Thibaut

When Dreams Come True Part II by Stan Thibaut

Trip to Utah By Mike Hoppe

Riding the Copper Canyon and the Baja of California - Part III by Tim Zierman††

Riding the Copper Canyon and the Baja of California Part II by Tim Zierman

Riding the Copper Canyon and the Baja of California Part I by Tim Zierman

Wintering In The Southwest††by Marina Ackerson

The Adventures of Lysol Man, Directions Man, and GPS Man by Deryle Mehrten 

Riding the Nurburgring Nordschleife by Craig Litlefield

Second Annual Sierra Vista Invitational Dual Sport Ride

Flying Hoosiers Hill by Maynard Hershon 

Night Moves by Mike Hoppe

Signs by Maynard Hershon

Silverbell By Mike Hoppe

Phil's Therapy by Mike Hoppe

Mexico on the Motorcycles by Craig Littlefield

North of Arivaca Road by Mike Hoppe

You're Never too Old to Learn to Ride by Jere Fredenburgh

Apache Junction by Mike Hoppe††††

Back to Utah by Don Cameron

Riding Switzerland On Your Own

A Day at the Track by Craig Littlefield

On The Way To Bagdad by Craig Littlefield

Big Dog Adventure Ride by Gordon Pairman

Brass Monkey 2004 by Joe Russo, Jr.

Expectations by Tim Zierman 

Proof Positive by Maynard Hershon 

What Do You Carry In Your Tank Bag? by Deryle Mehrten

The Grand Tetons††By Bob Muller

T.E.A.M. ARIZONA by John Willmann

Sierra Vista to Alaska, via BC, Alberta, Yukon and Alaska Highway
By Dave & Jere Fredenburgh

Shannon Campground on Mt Graham†by Ron & Robbie Rouse

Motorcycle Touring & Travel by Bill Stermer, review by Deryle Mehrten

Lessons Learned by Vic Paladini

How Do You Pack Your Camping Gear? by Deryle Mehrten

Our Short Trip to San Carlos, Mexico By Bob Muller

Have you ever°¶y Deryle Mehrten

2003 BMW MOA International Rally By Vic Paladini,

American Motorcycle Adventurer 4-Peats the Globe ňłorld's First 

Sierra Vista Invitational Dual Sport Ride  by Tim Zierman 

A Great 3-Day Ride From Tucson  by Craig Littlefield

Brass Monkey 2001 by Joe Russo

Desert Riding by Vic Paladini

First Long Ride from the Passenger's Prospective by Sioux Prince

Vodka Virgin, Ivan's Toilets and Motorcycles in Russia by Greg Frazier

So You Never Want To Go To Sturgis! by Craig Littlefield

Tucson to Newfoundland and Nova ScotiaAugust 28th thru September 23rd 2002 by Pat Walsh

Guest Vic & Helen Paladini

Utah Loop 21 - 26 April 2002 by Dave & Jere Fredenburgh

Anatomy of a Dual Sport Ride by Terry Hopkins

Sierra Vista to Alaska, via BC, Alberta, Yukon and Alaska Highway by Dave & Jere Fredenburgh

New Triumph by Craig Littlefield

4 Corners by Craig Littlefield


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